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Nxe5! Queen Sacrifice! –

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About this video: has a very nice feature called the Game Report. It shows up after you play a game and gives you a snapshot of how well you played the game. It breaks down each move into categories: Brilliant moves, Best moves, Excellent moves, Good moves, Book moves, Inaccuracies, Mistakes, Blunders, and Missed wins. The accuracy score is in the range of 0 to 100 with higher being better.’s analysis of the game shows you which moves were the best moves, excellent moves, and so on. You can also see the evaluation of the position change as you go through the moves.


  1. Can you please explain the black and white graph as it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Thank you.

  2. My highest score was 100% 2 brilliant moves 16 great moves 25 moves game vs Levy Rozman. My other game i got 99.5 score 35 brilliant moves 2 great moves 55 moves game!!

  3. i once got 100% precision because i won in the opening using theory

  4. Ahhh I use the app so I don't see the pop ups that I see on here.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Book moves dont count as moves. If you get 1 book 1 blunder you get 0.3 acuracy.

  6. I’m around a 1300 rating in 30 minute chess. My highest accuracy is 98.4 but I’ve had several above 95. It’s certainly skewed though. Most of my opponents are my friends who are sub 1000 players. Finding the best move against bad plays is much easier.

  7. Good information. I love the Chess Reports. Highest accuracy I ever had was 98.5% in a 31 move game.

  8. 91.4 could have been better but i was focusing on mate and didnt took a free pawn that engines seem to love

  9. Halloween gambit line where you win a rook a pawn and queen +15 99.6% accuracy

  10. Great video – excellent explanation – even for a nubie like me – Thumbed up, Subscribes and hit the bell… Thanks from Sydney Australia.

  11. Im 1600, have had 99.7 multiple times but the game did not consist of much moves

  12. My record 100%. Really, since my oponent give up before making move. LOL
    Oh i have request if u interested for ur upcoming video. Please make briliant moves example in ur match or other match. Since i it need big miracle to see one in my match.

  13. I had a 100% accuracy in a 10 move game once, but now when I go to analyze it it shows 99.7%. 🤷

  14. I had a game with 99.7% because my opponent blundered his queen in 3 moves and then resigned

  15. Thx for the explanation! Do you happen to know what “Great Move” means? It seems to be in between “Best Move” and “Brilliant”.

  16. As a 600 player for blitz chess, I had 2 brilliant moves in 1 day, and I don't play often. I took screenshots of the moves because I like seeing the computer calling a had player's move brilliant.

  17. As a 400 rated player, I have had 3-4 brilliant moves but only once did I know the next moves to win, blundered my queen on two of them 😀 Also had one game with 100% the other day as I learned the first few moved of the London and my opponent blundered making the next moves obvious and then they resigned. Also had one game against Martin the other day and both of us got rated 1250 which was hilarious. 😆

  18. My best accuracy is 88 percent and I reached it twice

  19. one time i got 100 percent in 8 moves in the traxler counter gambit with black 🙂 my opponent resigned after blundered his queen.

  20. My highest score is 98.something. I basically played exactly the moves shown in a Gotham chess opening video from the beginning to checkmate. It was a trap involving bishop sacrifice and if the opponent takes the bishop, the game becomes super sharp and 5 of the following king moves lead to either forced checkmate or a great material losses

  21. idk i somehow got 100 and next game 99.5 idk i dont think that i play that good my oponents like to blunder half of thier pieces

  22. I played a game with 100% because I played e4 and d5 and the opponent resigned.

  23. I've gotten 100% a couple of times. One of those was a 17 move game. So it is possible, guys, lol.

    Im trying to figure out more in-depth how the analysis works. When does the game switch to middlegame in its percentage accuracy determination? How do i interpret the elo rating it gives in the analysis? When i play a game and it gives me an elo of 2700 when i had an 86% accuracy then i play a game with a 92% accuracy and it gives me a 1200 how do i reconsile that inconsistency in a useful way?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  24. Excellent Report, exactly what I wanted to know. Kudos to you.

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