’s WORST Bug

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  1. "This guy worked his whole life for this title and now you're making him the same as me?" Self destruct 200 💀

  2. Let’s go Virgo is a proud Mongolian 🇲🇳

  3. they're from Mongolia and it says Virgo. Like he is probably on someone's account.

  4. Gm is a sign of greatness,IM is cool To have beside your name

  5. This literally shows how much of a good guy Levy is. He makes a joke, but quickly pounces on the website's mistake because that person worked so hard to reach GM

  6. I think the glitch is he’s supposed to be Im not gnn

  7. JAJA los yankees no saben que significa virgo un capo ese chabon

  8. I have never laughed that hard since the chat gtp video

  9. What is the difference between GM and IM?

  10. It’s just emphasizing his name “I”M GOTHAM CHESS”

  11. I can beat Gotham because everyone knows that elo is just a number

  12. Me who cannot spot which one is better:

  13. Bro this loop makes it look like Levi has memory loss 💀

  14. I’m still trying to become a better intermediate player

  15. Look I know chess what the 🦆 is im

  16. You are on this council but we grand you the "Grandmaster" rank ( like levy he lost his rank and is depressing )

  17. Levy: you get false respect for this G

    Also levy:this duse worked his whole life to get this title and you're making him the same and me

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