Chess game analysis: Wade v Shoebridge, 1945

Analysis of a chess game featuring international Master Robert Wade verse A G Shoebridge played in the Australian championship, 1945.

Black neglects development and gives up valuable tempi to go pawn grabbing in the opening phase of the chess game. Because white is so well developed and the centre is dynamic he opens up the centre leading to almost insurmountable difficulties for black. white sacrifices material to keep the initiative and black King is caught in the centre with little scope for mobility. However whites attack is far from easy and international Master Robert Wade plays some truly beautiful chess which build and builds on his advantages and culminates in a very pretty check mate.

I have used the following material to make an otherwise dry subject palatable and I truly thank those artists and musicians who freely gave of their work to make this chess video possible.

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  1. Thank you Robbie, nice hearing from you again, and as always an excellent instructive video.

  2. Glad you're back, Robbie! Always enjoy your analyses.

  3. It's been a long time welcome back it's good to have you recording videos again 😊

  4. Hello Robbie my friend, welcome back. You notice white plays f4, there are a few ideas behind Qe1, it prepares e5 , it allows the rook to come to the centre and the Queen is poised to create a battery against f7 once e5 is played to lever open the f file.

  5. Hello Robbie welcome back! Thanks for your great contributions

  6. grabbing pawns in the opening is usually a bad idea at any level. welcome back.

  7. Missed you old friend, glad to see you back and thank you

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