Chess Master Analysis: Defense In Closed Positions

User edvedder takes an FM in this complex closed position where the FM tries to blow him off the board! NM James Canty breaks down the game for viewers, revealing some great teaching points, and analysis!

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  1. two thumbs down ?! hopefully you left a comment as to why and how this site can be better…otherwise why say you didn't like something and not say why?? nice vid, I subbed

  2. Great video! Always look forward to more analysis

  3. In this game, I played as white and I made a couple of blunders and I understand those. But the analysis engine marked two of my moves as brilliant and I don't particularly understand why. What makes these two moves (17. Nh2 & 20. Qf4) brilliant instead of just "best?" It's also apparent from my play that I didn't follow up on whatever made them brilliant even though I won the game on move 38 with mate.

    I'm currently at about 1100 on blitz and 1300 on daily on and I have a lot of room for improvement.

  4. Dude, I really like watching you talking about chess tips. Thank you very much

  5. Please more videos of James, he's always a delight to watch 🙂

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