Chess Master Analysis: The Gambit Lifestyle

We are excited to bring back a classic series with a new twist! Member Game Analysis will now be hosted (usually) by NM James Canty! He will be reviewing exciting and instructive chess games from users and pulling out key moments to discuss. In this first video, he looks at some aggressive gambit play from the black side of the board!

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  2. RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine says:

    Whats Up Jimmy! 😃👌👍💯

  3. Great presentation and commentary. Thank you!

  4. I miss analysis of games like this. From amateur to pro play, the step by step walk through of moves and the implications they have is really insightful and drastically improves my play. Any chance we’ll get more uploads like this in the future?

  5. Good job Jimmy! Great commentary and analysis.

  6. Good job Jimmy! Great commentary and analysis

  7. I will legit comment on ur page till u answer back and refund me for posting fake we are gym legend on fb and scamming everyone

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