Chess | Naroditsky analysis a Cheater vs Vishy Anand

Chess grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky analysis an obvious cheater playing against former world chess champion and Indian grandmaster Vishy Anand. The way he analysis the moves and explains them is really impressive and educational. If you want to see more of grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky follow him here:
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  1. I’m honestly most impressed by how strong the engine was that black was using. That clearly wasn’t just pocket stockfish, bc I ran the moves on my computer and only after a couple minutes of waiting for each move, the engine realized that the cheater’s moves were the best ones

  2. his logic on his twitter post was that it was okay to cheat in the game because 'it was obvious'

  3. He's the chosen one… the chosen one to be the next greatest chess meme… lol

  4. Damn, imagine having one chance to play against such a legend and genius like Vishy Anand and cheat in such a cheap way… I don't understand people.

  5. As an 800 I make about 6 blunders per game soooo… yeah 👍

  6. Are you sure he cheated?
    Let's not jump to conclusions. 🇮🇳

  7. I wish he would have been exposed during the stream. But they did not want to create drama. Moreover, the hosts bringing this up would have been uncomfortable for Vishy himself. Later the cheater contacted Vishy's wife and manager and she told not to bring Vishy's name up. He still mentioned him in the tweet. The guy has no ethics, only cares about his own image which he clearly couldn't save by sending that half-arsed apology.

  8. Hey Aado, could you take off the "Follow Naroditsky link in description" text after a minute or two? It's a little distracting… thx, <3

  9. Legends say that he did that to gain popularity, so that more people can know about Zerodha, and open dermat account through it

  10. So, not only he cheated, he even planned a strategy to confuse Vishy on his actual chess skill. That's almost evil.

  11. Why was he motivated to beat Vishy in a charity game. He is a billionaire already.,

  12. At least it wasn't 2 pawns advantage vs engine, just 1. Nakamura would lose 2 pawn odds game vs engine 😆🤭

  13. Great analysis. I like how you explain the differences between computer moves and human moves.

  14. What a wasted opportunity!!! Id rather lose horribly (which most of us would against Anand) than to cheat and "win" what a waste!!

  15. Makes you wonder how he (cheater) made his billions, or confirms it 🤷

  16. That cheater was a Millionaire.!
    Now, i know how he became a Millionaire !😊

  17. At 1:40 why not Nxe5 and after black takes back dxc6 Qxd1 Bxd1 bxc6 Black has an isolated C pawn and a messed up pawn structure. Why is that not good for white?

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