Chess opening principles II game analysis

The opening phase of a chess game should be really simply

1.we develop our pieces
2.we connect our rooks (post the queen)
3. we castle

to help us

1.we move pawns only to help us develop our pieces
2.we develop the least active pieces
3.we develop our pieces towards the centre and on squares of maximum activity

These things may seem simple but I can show you zillions of games where these principles were violated to the detriment of the player who neglected them!

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  1. At 13:07, why isn't queen G2 checkmate? Is it not? I am new and trying to learn.

  2. I want to thank you once again for giving us these lessons. You get to explain deep concepts in a simple and entertaining way. Every lesson you invite us to play Chess reasoning and enjoying at the same time.
    You always made us see the concepts of chess in a friendly way.
    Best regards

  3. You are an excellent instructor and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos, I learn so much.  Thank you,

  4. Hi Robbie  

    At around 12:30, h3 would prevent black's bishop moving to g4 which is what formed the basis for the attack. I don't think a3 and h3 are wasted moves since they limit the activities of the opposing bishops and prepare for b4 and g4 later on.

    Having said that, I appreciate the video and the principles you mention.

  5. I've been coming back to your videos specifically throughout my journey and its always a nice reminder of simple concepts I've forgotten. Thank you again Coach.

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