Chess Player Lies About His 1200 Rating…. || Chess in Public || Beat Me at Chess = Free Pizza

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00:00-00:39 Pretend
00:39-8:01 GAME
8:01-15:08 Analysis

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  1. You start the clock like a GM and you don't know what blitz is ?

  2. calling in arrogant for hustling seems a little extreme

  3. Anyone move play like this πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ watch out

  4. And here I thought he lied about it being higher, so chess elo works with rules opposite to those for height and penis size πŸ˜…

  5. Is that a normal handshake? To just grab each other’s hand lightly and not shake idk why that’s so weird to me

  6. How does the pawn at 0:44 go diagonal? Am I missing something ?

  7. We wanted to see the reaction of him winning and yours

  8. lol your logo covers four squares… one active logo…

  9. How can you say he is liar, he just bet you on chess

  10. at about 4:20 I really thought you were going to sacrifice your rook to get your queen onto the 8 rank. All he could do is pull back his knight to try to block. All you had to do was throw other pieces at his Queen to keep it busy. Edit- around 12:00 on your detailed review. He sees this coming, so he moves his knight to block the line of your rook.

  11. sorry i rush my first comment when i played the video again the Qc7 move was also spotted by the white player good know…

  12. 0:44 , what? bro moved diagonally with a pawn without taking any pieces? im confused someone explain

  13. just saw call center video.. now this? what is happening to yt algo

  14. After Qf2 by black he had won the game, i was very surprised with the blunder going for the pawn on b2, he had the bishop sac you mentioned, which I thought was the whole idea of getting the queen so deep and aggressive to begin with. Good game

  15. Wait. How is playing here ? For a moment I thought it was Alireza's brother.

  16. I don't understand, why would one even lie about their rating? Especially if in reality it's much higher?

  17. BRO I SAW THIS TACTIC 11:30 for black!!! I was like just sac the bishop bro lol

  18. 2500 blitz is at least IM
    he almost lost that pizza
    congrats to the 2200 πŸ‘

  19. Those Indian dudes are born with default 1200 ELO lol

  20. He earned it, you cant say just he lied hence hes cheated. You openly challenged everyone for free pizza. Then why crying after lost.

  21. He gave you a right lesson and free content just for for pizza then why are you crying?

  22. Playing the Steinitz French you deserve to lose.

  23. A shame that he lied for free pizza. I feel like if you are rated that high you could just play for the enjoyment and reject the prize at the end? strange mindset…

  24. He just kept leaning on and shaking the table. Another hustler move.

  25. I dont think lying was arrogant of him. Its free pizza

  26. Hmmm…seems like he played the Niemann gambit on you.

  27. At 4:45 black could have played Ng4 sacrificing the knight, if fxg4 then Qxg2 check mate!

  28. Oh I would definitely lie for free pizza πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  29. Him: night D5 best response
    Stock fish: that’s an inaccuracy body

  30. "They were" why tf are you referring to a guy like "they". xd

  31. as a 1300 myself i can confirm that this guy was lying…..HE d i d n t b l u n d e r ? ?

  32. There's always an Asian better than you

  33. I like how at 5:06 that lyer smiles and then one second later he goes serious mode. LOL!

  34. If the guy played online, then maybe he was accused of being a CHEATER, an engine user. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  35. The clock is at white's right side, while it must be in the left from the whiteside perspective

  36. you dont understand how competitive some chess scenes are a 1200 otb from chennai is a 2000 basically anywhere else

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