Chess player overanalyzes Pomu and Finana’s chess game! | Nijisanji Vtuber Chess Analysis

Tommymator is back with another chess analysis! This time, we will be analyzing the chess game between Pomu Rainpuff and Finana Ryugu of Nijisanji EN! With over an hour of both beautiful moves and complete blunders, who will come out on top?


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Pomu Rainpuff and Finana Ryugu are “virtual youtubers” (vtubers), which are real people using virtual avatars to stream or make videos. Pomu and Finana are members of Nijisanji EN, a virtual youtuber/idol/comedian group. Please consider subscribing to their channels!

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  1. I was reading some nemunemu otokonoko grand blue femboytasy doujinshi but I shall never miss a Tommylmao videos.

  2. Babe wake up new Tommylmao video just dropped

  3. Truly the strategy of the god's. Our human minds just aren't ment to understand their cosmic intellect.

  4. “While you played gacha, i studied the oshi” words to live by

  5. All I can say is that the king is the most powerful piece at their level. You can't make a move that will kill it 🤣🤣

  6. Description:A descendant of the Lost city of Atlantis,who swam to Earth While Saying. "it's So boring down there LOLOLOL!" She bought her Clothes(And Her Shark hat) in the human World she really loves them.ln her spare time,she enjoys to talking to marine life.

    By Gawr Gura CH. Hololive-EN

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