Chess Position Analysis: 5 Advantages To Strive For

Chess Position Analysis

Chess position analysis is a special approach to this game helpful for further professional growth. Beginners rarely practice it, but advanced players do it all the time. Once you recognize its value and learn to do it, you’ll make your play more efficient. Let’s have a look at signs telling you that you’re dominating the board or losing.

A Priceless Skill

A Priceless Skill

Examination of your moves is useful for 2 reasons. First of all, it shows which side is stronger right in the battle. Secondly, it allows you to return to the game later to look for mistakes. Once you detect them, you do all you can to avoid them in the future. It’s a perfect recipe if you want to develop as a player.

Chess Position Analysis: 5 Things to Look at

5 Things to Look at

– Material. Compare the number of soldiers or count how many points they give you in total

– King’s safety. If you have more fighters, it doesn’t yet mean you’re winning. If the enemy can checkmate you in a couple of moves, you don’t have an advantage. Provide your king with sufficient protection to avoid such a scenario

– Activities of other pieces. Check how many cells each soldier controls. Are they blocked? Can they move freely? If not, refine your strategy and make sure you advance them wisely the next time

– Pawn structure. It’s important to place your troop soldiers on vital cells. Are any of them passable? Doubled ones at your side will weaken you. But if your opponent has such a structure, they are at a disadvantage. Additionally, pawns backing each other up are harder to attack

– Space control. If you dominate the board, you’ll have more room for attacks. Make sure the diagonals and the center are occupied by your pieces. But be careful, as your enemy will strive for the same goal

Good Luck Studying

Chess position analysis will take some time and practice to master. But it’ll be easier if you watch how professional players do it. Follow the link in which a teacher explains how to make a thoughtful game examination.