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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov answers one of the most common questions asked by his students, which is – how to train chess effectively? How should you study chess so that you don’t get stuck at the same level, but keep progressing gradually?

That is exactly what you will learn from this lesson. GM Smirnov shares with you a 30-minute chess training plan which focuses on 3 methods of training. Studying chess for just 30 minutes daily on these 3 methods will give you significant results. This will help you reach the 2000 ELO rating faster! You will also know how to train if you have less or more time available in a day.

► Chapters

00:00 How to train chess effectively & improve faster?
00:26 Chess Study Plan: 1) Tactics Training
02:51 Practice Puzzle: Can you find the win?
02:57 Chess Study Plan: 2) Play & Analyze
04:08 Analyzing your chess game with engine
06:36 Training Plan: 3) Study chess (openings)
08:18 Studying positional concepts in chess
09:00 Chess Training Plan for 30 minutes per day
10:00 Training Plan if you have more time available

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  1. You are a god
    Puzzle ans rh8
    Mate is unstoppable

  2. Thank you so much. I always stuck at 1900 elo. This is very useful to let me improve! I will finally get 2000

  3. I am a 2100 and i think that this training plan is very good even for advanced players.

  4. 2:54 Qh5 is the way to win! Of course the bishop is pinned so it can't capture your queen but most importantly, you are threatening to win a game on h8 or h7. Black will takes your bishop on c4 to open the escape square for his king.
    But next you will play the quiet move, g6! prevent a black king from escaping and next move you will delivery the checkmate blow on h8 and black is defenseless.

  5. I am 2300 and i believe this training plan is the best for you

  6. Thanks for all your help I am rated 1200 so I'm sure my rating will skyrocket

  7. Thanks sir.😇🥰🙏

  8. Can you explain IN DETAIL how to start engine and load and analyze please

  9. I can give 6 hours to chess can you gave me a study plan i am 1527 in rapid

  10. I'd start with the quiet move g6. Black can take the Bishop on c4, but that does not help! After Rh8+ Kxh8 and Qh8+ or h5+ there is nothing to do against the threat Qh7#

  11. Qh5 is the solution. You threaten mate in 1 move and the bishop can not take your queen because of the pin to the king.If he takes our bishop, then g6 and Qh8# is unstoppable

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