Deep Chess Analysis Of Baku Chess Olympiad Round 4

GM Simon Williams reviews the key moments from Round 4 of the 42nd Chess Olympiad from Baku. See his take on games with Sergey Karjakin, Hou Yifan and more!

See what Simon had to say on the first 3 rounds here:

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  1. Simon at 1:10 – "I mean, if you look at some countries in the world . . . in the Caribbean, they don't have great chess history."  Whoops:  Cabablanca.

  2. This is great but far too late to feel relevant. Round 4? Really? They just played Round 8. This is old news albeit a pleasure to watch.

  3. I love how a lot of commentators have said, "Oh, David was so brave to keep the queens on, he surely would have made a draw if he had swapped the queens." They completely forget that Carlsen has made a career out of slowly grinding GMs out in 'equal' endings (and even in those in which he is objectively worse!). It is commendable, however, that GM Smerdon kept the game interesting by going for this KS demonstration. That did actually take courage.

  4. are chemicals any good for expanding consciousness in chess ???

  5. these are the top gms from around the world. Id think if Magnus requested a bathroom visit that the arbiter would be obliged to say yes

  6. Extraordinary job, you are a fantastic commentator!

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