Duck Chess analysis: Kapik1337 vs DragonB70

Hope everyone had a nice holiday! I got some new headphones as a gift and fiddled around with some settings, so hopefully the audio quality is better than last time 🙂

Looking at a game between two of the strongest Duck Chess players in the world. You can see it for yourself here: It has a really complicated fight in the middle where both players show their brilliance! I did my best to show some of the ideas, but I can really only scratch the surface here. Despite the fact that I spent a lot longer looking at this game than they did, I’m sure I missed some important lines. Let me know what you spot.

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  1. 32:16 Rxf3@g3 no more threat on the diagonale and c1 rook is threatened

  2. I use the double fianchetto into some kind of hippopotamus. I pre-duck the double fianchetto not to be blocked.
    The intuition is that:
    – As in normal chess, don't put your high value pieces out first (queen in chess, queen and knights in duck) not to be harassed.
    – Hippo is good for close range pawn wall defense, i.e. no duck can be placed to interfere with the defense of a pawn by a piece.
    This beats duck AI @pychess website although it's not a good AI

  3. 15:50 maybe trying to re-route black square bishop. Bd1 and then Bh4. Ne3 is a good outpost that can be blocked with duck

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