Dynamic Chess Analysis with Doug Strutherton and Reginald Doug Strutherton – Easy Update

Join veteran chess commentators Doug Strutherton and Reginald Doug Strutherton (no relation) as they dive deep and analyze a truly wild game of chess between SirFeep and hot young newcomer “JasonWishnov.”

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  1. You guys impress me and then you post things like this. . .bad call.

  2. That was fun! Sometimes it's more educational to watch what Kyle would call "recreational tier" play – when you see grandmasters play it's all so far beyond me that I struggle to learn anything from it.

  3. Sent this to my best friend that’s a chess teacher and high rank 😉

  4. Tinkety tonk old fruits, and down with the nazis.

  5. Anothet easy update, another week of being baffled As to why like anyone would dislike this content i dont get yall

  6. Tally ho old boys, really crunched my crumpets

  7. Oh my old chaps! Tis was a mighty fine video, almost as fine as a good piece of stilton some might say, tally ho.

  8. This was actually a lot more interesting and fun than I expected. That's some impressive software. And I'm not talking about the game. Golly gosh.

  9. Absolutely spiffing content I say, what what. Now, I pray thee gentlemen, where do I park my Spitfire?

  10. Such an ugly game of chess, so many missed opportunities on both side, so painful to watch… I love your randomness, Ian.

  11. Stream it on Twitch! Chess is blowing up right now loved the vid <3

  12. I laughed so much. Thank you I needed this.

  13. I almost spit out my water at “my heart is beating at 170 stones/fathom” LOL

  14. I was quite chuffed to see this bollocks pop up on my feed. Going up the apples, got my plates out and relaxed for a view.

  15. more character based content from Ian and co!!! top tier

  16. I keep making all of those mistakes x) But this was great! ^^*

  17. This is the most british thing i've ever seen lol.

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