Emory Tate’s Most Ruthless Game Of Chess…

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Emory was just to good!


  1. His king could have went to c7 how was this check mate ?

  2. Fun fact: We can see the same hand symbol on Andrew that we can see in Emory Tate

  3. Did you just say king f2???😮 after knight x d4 and queen x c1,b d1 can be played so what is king f2?!? I'm so confused

  4. When you put up the content warning, I was ready for something violent. I hadn't prepared for a hate crime. Tate straight violated Black and made it look effortless.

  5. Can't white just block with the bishop after Qxc1? (in the line with the "hanging" bishop) I guess black does get Qxb2 there hitting the other rook though.

  6. I understand why some people who played against him straight up retired temporarily. That’s some nasty intellectual aggression this man has got.

  7. im loving these videos pls keep em coming keeping the legacy of the legendary emory tate alive!

  8. I could totally beat Emory Tate easily dont quote me on that or test me

  9. the emory tate videos are so nice even if im a noob at chess pls continue 😉

  10. There needs to be a book with all his best games

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  12. Can you do a video on Maurice tillet? He was actually the inspiration behind shrek, his story is also very fascinating as he is known for playing chess from beyond the grave.
    This was an article about this in 1987.

    Years earlier, he (Maurice tillet) and Kelly had often played chess in the businessman's home near Braintree, Mass. The ghostly games began after Kelly bought a computerized chess set. The businessman always played on his library desk, where a plaster cast of Tillet's death mask stood.

    Late one evening the computer deviated from its programmed plays and used an 18th-century opening invented by a French master — a play Tillet had used constantly. Kelly recalled, "I played out the game, and next morning noticed the computer was not plugged in.

    "I thought nothing of it at the time, but a few weeks later the computer suddenly used a similar opening — and again it was not plugged in."

    Kelly had engineers check the system. They found the computer would operate without electricity so long as Tillet's death mask was near. THe businessman had the mask X-rayed for concealed electronic devices — but it was solid plaster.

    Kelly says, "When I want a game, I set up the pieces without plugging the set in. If there is no response I know Maurice is not present. But often in mid-game the computer will play above its normal level, and I know he has stopped by. I pull out the plug, and the game goes on."

  13. Even if I’m a grandmaster Emory tate will still beat me lol

  14. bruv keep the emory tate games coming, they're amazing, also of andrew tate if you find some, thanks for the content.

  15. His unmatched prescapacity, coupled with sheet indefatigability makes him a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor

  16. Sorry Andrew not near your Fathers chess capacity😮

  17. Why couldn’t emory have just moved his Queen to G4 instead of taking 2 moves to go to G3 at 2:15

  18. Andrew did say his dad's playstyle was pure offense, he never played defense. Now I can see it

  19. I began to love your channel, in the past I love to watch chess game explanation by Agadmator, but you're narrative is little bit different and much more interesting than him, you deserve more subscriber

  20. Very beautiful game, always Emory delivers some interesting actions i like his style of playing

  21. Question: couldn't the opponent block the queen with the rook by moving it to e7…

    Tate moves queen to b7. King moves e8. And the game could continue…

    I understand the opponent resigned… but I am genuinely curious if what I described above could work… thanks in advance 😊

  22. Thats so aggresive it baffled my
    Mind how these chess players brains work like that


  24. "Several months ago, I met Andrew Tate online, and a while back, he inspired me to start playing chess. He told us about his father, Emory. He was a righteous man. This family's strength is equivalent to a nuclear bomb. Thank you, Emory. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, Tristan."

  25. He's a good chess player, too bad he was such a terrible father

  26. i get the Qg3 idea but why not just Qg4 right away? Seems like a total waste of tempo

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