Eric & Yasser play Team Chess with ANALYSIS and BANTER

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  1. Nice to see yaser back with the collab

  2. Eric adds 10 years into his age without the tank tops.

  3. Once you read the title you know it’s gonna be good😏

  4. 8:52 we got a totally different kind of March Madness instead

  5. Ahh, its always nice to see Zuko and Iroh playing chess

  6. I dont think Bobby Fischer actually wrote the book, "Bobby Fischer teaches chess".

    Edit: It seems there is some controversy on Fischer's level of involvement in writing the book so it would be fair to say he wrote it.

  7. Yasser is the Bob Ross of chess. Just overflowing with good vibes and effortless skill

  8. Eric and Yasser in the same video equals a like from me.

  9. And I'm here struggling so hard against 1200s 😭

  10. Thanks Eric & Yasser for this nice video. Btw, we missed you Yasser and I think that we are plenty of followers waiting for your next MasterClass/educational video…

  11. Their opponent must be like "What is taking soooo long!!!" 😂

  12. If ur a pronounciation nerd, Zwischenzug is pronounced like 'tswishen tsoog'

  13. In a chess a match who would 🍥 vs my 🦸‍♀️ academia

  14. That wasn't fair, I thought it was supposed to be hand and brain, but they were discussing moves and analysing together…smh

  15. Poor Alekhine, don't think I've ever heard that pronounced correctly.

  16. Yasser and Peter were on fire today with their commentary – what amazing match and an amazing tourney

  17. I give no craps about NBA. This was excruciating for me. I'm bailing at eight minutes.

  18. Omg Eric is so depressed. Thank goodness there are people like Yasser around:)

  19. bro Yasser is like a chess archive he remembers incidents and other players' names and stuff

  20. Sounds like "Nepomniashiy" with a stress on second syllable in Russian

  21. NBA playoffs are going on right now

  22. anyone else got a notification saying anal?

  23. Yasser seems a generally happy person…emitting good vibes!!!

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