Fabiano Caruana sits down the commentators after his impressive performance against Hikaru Nakamura in Round 6 of Norway Chess.

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  1. No wonder Kraminik thinks people are cheating 😭

  2. Danny Rensch is very fun i'm glad he's inviting himself to be on camera and on microphone so much

  3. I was just watching ding do analysis from 2018-2019 very suspicious. Especially watching Fabi here.

  4. Am I going nuts? Was he having issues recalling the moves from a game he just played?

  5. Notice how he's wobbling the chair to cope with the buzzing of the Hans™ device

  6. I watched this live, it was stunning, Fabi scored a million cool points and went up massively in my appreciation for his chess analysis. It wasn't just what he did it was the speed and the coolness with which he saw it all, just incredible

  7. This Fabi guy is too smart. His socks have a 2200+ rating probably.

  8. Todd everybody once in another comment that stockfish inherent that good! People overate it

  9. Fabi will regain his N2 in classical soon

  10. Your engine is trash it’s a joke they use it in tournaments weak browsers engine

  11. "Hmmmmmm .. interesting". – Kramnik

  12. Fabi does excellent commentary. I particularly enjoyed his appearances during the last world chess championship

  13. He's just regurgitating Stockfish lines from the faster computer he prepped with.

  14. I love how much Fabi compliments his opponents. The guy is a class act and an incredible player. Rooting for him in the second half of this tournament!

  15. Caruana is like the modern Karpov to Kasparov now #1 Carlsen.

  16. A creative way to conceal how weak the engine on your site really is.

  17. Hikaru is lucky the loss wasn't in classical, he is still 2800+

  18. Lul,
    Time to Update the Engine on the
    Website. 😅

  19. Y'all gotta chill with the Gotham-esque all caps clickbait titles. it's fine for a youtuber but it's pretty unprofessional coming from the company that monopolizes online chess. then again, you have a monopoly who cares what I think

  20. Good ! Now ask him to defeat stockfish with stockfish without a queen from the opening. Bet they can't ( it'll be a draw of course , or maybe SF win).

  21. Fabi will rise again. Everybody has their cycles.

  22. Xadrez R.I.P. não existe mais nada a ser feito, não existe criatividade somente a ação mecânica e sem vida de memorizar jogadas

  23. Chess R.I.P. There is nothing more to be done, there is no creativity, only the mechanical and lifeless action of memorizing moves

  24. Total class act as opposed to Nakamura whose ego has inflated a lot more than his Elo lately.

  25. if compared the level of chess with humbleness he's by far the GOAT 🙂 in that aspect

  26. I don't get it. But that's probably because I'm 500.

  27. Fabiano, the ultimate treat when it comes to chess analysis, he's so cool, calm and exciting while going through positions

  28. Finally Caruana beat Nakamura, he somehow has a bad score especially recently. What a great player

  29. Fabi deserves the #1 spot. Magnus is great and all, but imagine if Fabi was the face of top level chess. What a guy

  30. Proyecciinnde dssfzadona sisu 8n9 withing 543 optionsnvisiale tuntop

  31. In a different universe we have an arrogant Fabiano Caruana running the chess world

  32. As my father would say, the only good thing about being second is you’re the first of the losers.

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