Fabiano Caruana sits down the commentators after his impressive performance against Hikaru Nakamura in Round 6 of Norway Chess.

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  1. "I was impressed with the speed at which he tried to kill the game" 😂😂😂

  2. Even GM Finegold outplayed Stockfish during his game against Mittens.

    Stockfish on lower depths without time to think is not infailable. Just good luck outplaying it for 50 moves.

  3. As my father would say, the only good thing about being second is you’re the first of the losers.

  4. If Fabi is better than Stockfish, I wonder how good Pragg is

  5. At 18:48 Anna suggests a computer move for black which is simply not the best defense:
    24. Rg3 Bxd4 25. Bxh6 f5! is much more resilient defense for black than the Bxf2 sacrifice as per stockfish, with hardly any advantage for white. Fabi's analysis is good against the inferior line of Bxf2, but it just isn't true that the computer failed to see the right eval and that the white attack was much stronger than first anticipated.

  6. So many blunders at this level, they don't win by strategy, something that they could be proud

  7. Npc faces “he doesn’t know we are independent thinkers”

  8. I read the Sparebank ad in the back as Spermbank

  9. Danny was getting horny listening to Fabbi

  10. That is not possible, must be a bug in the software or something, unless they are suggesting that Fabiano can calculate more moves and positions into the future than a computer

  11. Hikaru bailed out faster than a bullet lmao

  12. Remember to floss if you don't want stinky breath

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