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  1. Hey anyone know why Charlie isn't on pogchamps 2??

  2. Even if this guy gets his rating back I find this somewhat unfair. He connects on Chess.com to get a game in his rating and improve just to lose to a 990 that plays like a GM. Even after an amazing defence he had no chances. None. I hope they tell him right away because that could be very infuriating. Many things irl have been broken after a game of chess.

    The opponent should see danya's rank and title beside charlie's rank with a message in chat as well imo.

  3. You guys should commentate for pogchamps. The steamer+gm commentary are good fun to watch.

  4. “He absolutely does fuggin bring it to G4” lol

  5. I was like how is this guy 900? Then when they played the game, he can't make a move without tons of help. I think it would be more beneficial for him to try to make moves he thinks are good before just telling him what to play every time.

  6. 34:14 white E1 to g1 would ahve been better ? than moving queen ? also playing rating like this is like using a cheat ;D

  7. I really can not believe what timeline I am witnessing lately… one of my favorite YouTubers I had growing up taking chess lessons by a fricking GM Narodski! I can see all of this seems a bit tedious for both of you at times, but believe me when I say, these videos mean so much to thousands of people, and are contributing tremendously in popularization of this great sport.
    Much appreciation from Serbia! ❤️🐧

  8. that game at the end was by no means a 1000 rated game lmfao

  9. One of the most informative presentations of the importance and implication of tempi in chess. Daniel is incredibly perfect with the tempo of explanation; doesn’t rush but neither does drag.

  10. this is simply the best chess game of all time.

  11. Love the videos man. But there were 3 unskipable ads within the first 7 minutes of this video so I gotta skip it.

  12. 7 as in 12 minutes. Won't watch another video from you

  13. This was a genuine, free lesson from a GM for everyone. Thanks Daniel.

  14. Daniel, what about rook c2 instead of he? Doesnt it achieve the same thing? Just checking as that's what I came up with 17:00

  15. Daniël: can we make this Queen uncomfortable?
    <Charlie immediately thinks up a million ways but non can be played on a chessboard, atleast not this small>

  16. Is Charlie not wearing a white shirt?!?!?!

  17. I fucking love chess
    like what kind of fucked up shit is that sequence, its the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, yet it tortures his opponent to an unimaginable degree

  18. I only know about this Daniel guy because of the legendary actor and GM Charles "the Moist Turbofisting Grease Penguin" White and I have a single mere question for the Danny boy… how many sex toys do you own? You have 36 hours to respond and your respect is on the line.

  19. Hey Daniel! Just wanted to tell you that you are by far the best chess teacher I've seen on youtube. Really appreciate the way you explain the intention behind every move. Kristian, from Norway.

  20. My experience with Russian teaching is electroshock therapy

  21. This makes sense becouse this… THIS IS NOT METH

  22. Absolutely loving these! This is seriously doing so much more for my understanding and analysis of the game than any other series I have come across. Thank you so much for posting these for free GMDaniel! 🙏🙌💜

  23. this. is not meth- genuine reference

  24. When Daniel types it sounds like lkakjjsdflkjasdfkjsdfkajsdfkjadf

  25. GM “Heh, 999” grandmaster Daniel “The Prophet” Naroditsky

  26. That isn’t Charlie in the video, this is his evil twin. You can see this by the fact he’s wearing a black shirt

  27. at 33:04 both missed rook 8 to g4 when after qh8+ kb7 and most likely nd4 he had rg1!! deflecting the rook from defense of e4 and after qxe4+ rg2 is forced and qxg2# the key difference is you allow check but prevent the queen from coming to c7

  28. People in the comments that think Charlie could legit become a GM are ridiculous.

  29. A move so brilliant, Wesley So would have a hard time finding it.

  30. I do feel like sometimes Charlie doesn’t quite hear what Daniel is saying lol

  31. Sensai danya would rook C2 also have won rubenstein the game instead of rook H3? I’m noticing that if he tries to defend the queen with the rook on F2 we take the rook and it’s the same thing or if he defends on G1 then knight F2 is smother mate, if he ignores the threat we take the queen with bishop for checkmate, am I missing anythibg

  32. I guess he was one of the founders of positional chess even if that doesn't make sense.

  33. 20:28 I actually got fucking hyped when Danya realize the brilliancy of Rxd3 lmao

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