Fastest Way to Reach 1800 | Chess Rating Improvement, Common Mistakes & Training Tips to Get Better

Fastest Way to Reach 1800 Chess Rating – its simple, just fix these mistakes. To Get Better at Chess & Improve Your Chess Rating Quickly, watch this video. I will share chess improvement tips, online tools & resources to practice and improve your game faster. We will look at the top 7 mistakes most players make & learn how to fix them. These lessons will help beginners & intermediate players to win more games.
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0:00 Chess Mistakes
0:12 Calculation Mistakes
2:00 Piece Improvement
3:13 Time Trouble
4:11 Bad Endgame Technique
5:56 Opening Selection
7:03 Blunders
8:24 Exchanging without Thinking
9:57 Aimchess Review
10:43 1 Million Subs – Special Message
11:02 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Sir English nhi ati …Hindi me bhi videos bnaiye 🙏🙏

  2. Thank you, I’m always coming back to this video to try and improve!

  3. Great content!!! The solution to the puzzle is Qxh6+ and Rh8#.

  4. puzzle solution: knight g5 then pawn g6

  5. I got a fastest chess:
    (fool's mate and I'm white)

  6. Nice Sir!! Have started playing chess and uploading my game plays here too!!

  7. Me : 700- 3 months ago
    850- 2 months ago
    659 – today .
    Can anyone explain wtf is going on ??

  8. QXh6 any move by black, white mates by Rh8+

  9. Thanks. I was 2200 ELO and now Im 1800 ELO thanks

  10. the move is queen takes h6
    and iam very happy about your channel

  11. Oh wow its a queen sack on h6 then rook h8 is mate no matter if he takes with the pawn or the king. 😅

  12. What's your chess rating? I really want to know this

  13. knight to g5 the black king will go to h7 then queen to e8 checkmate

  14. Queen takes on h6 mate regardless pawns or king recaptures with rook for the mate on h8

  15. You are a great scholar!!! I can't thank you enough, you have triggered my renaissance, though the dark ages were nt as dark as the portray!

  16. Sir when you write analysis l😁h
    Then we cannot see the chess board. Please analys another place

  17. Wow no one would noticed your background

  18. manikchari muk gps manikchari muk gps says:

    have you ever played tournament of chess

  19. manikchari muk gps manikchari muk gps says:

    and how much you earned

  20. manikchari muk gps manikchari muk gps says:

    can you make me your disciple

  21. Your sponsorsers are always USEFUL 😊

  22. Sir tomorrow is my match in chess I will give my hundred percent thx sir for teaching me

  23. Mr. Advani,
    Can you please upload traps for the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)?

  24. Esses paquistaneses bem que poderiam a falar inglês direito e parar de matar cristãos.

  25. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 for the one million subscribers you deserves this

  26. F5 pawn move to f6 and then f1 bishop move to f3 giving check to the king

  27. How gold is aimchess? Is it really worth it? You ever hears of ct art 4.0? By chess kings. Created by Russian gm that was amazing teacher, from his books they made.

  28. The checkmate is ' Q h6' king or pawn take queen then 'Rh8' is a stunning checkmate

  29. Bro how to develop the middle game and congratulations to reach 1 million 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  30. Q×h6 after K×h6 or P×h6 chekmate with Rh8

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