Free Chess Analysis Tools

Free Chess Analysis Tools

Free chess analysis platforms are available to everyone online. They evaluate your position on the board. Some of them have more functions, such as giving tips. Or explaining why some moves are strong while others are weak. Scroll down to get links to 4 such services that can be used for free.

Trust Your Guts

Trust Your Guts

Engines are soulless machines that are good at calculating possible scenarios. However, you should not blindly follow their lead. Learn from their suggestions, go back into battles and incorporate the knowledge into your strategy. Only you decide if new ideas are practical to apply to your style or not.

4 Free Chess Analysis Tools

Decode Chess. It’s an AI-powered tool designed to substitute a teacher to some extent. The service offers lots of tips and explanations of strong moves. It’s not free, but there is a demo version for which you don’t have to pay

Decode Chess

Stockfish. It’s a real engine for calculating points. Most advanced players prefer to use it because it’s informative. You’ll need to download and install it on your device. It’s available for various systems, including iOS


Chess Compass. It’s an online board with pieces that you can play both for Black and White. The platform gives hints in the form of arrows. They reflect various paths, as well as how many points they’ll grant you

Chess Compass

Woo Chess. This portal does not give visual advice. However, it calculates your points and suggests successful strategies to try. It’s free, fast, and easy to navigate. Play against yourself or recreate your previous games. This will show you at what point you started losing advantage. If you look into the results carefully, you will turn your weakness into an advantage!

Woo Chess

Watch and Learn

Free chess analysis is something you should approach as a habit. But before it becomes a routine, make sure you use online platforms correctly. Watch this video, showing 3 services: their interfaces and how to benefit from them efficiently. Play at chess clubs in Dayton, Ohio and improve your game.