Game analysis Imperial congress part 2 Chess No. 17

Part 2 of 2 of the recent Imperial college chess congress.

Almost playing like a king…Chess is a tough game some days!


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  1. What-did-I-just-watch! (horror icon goes here) 🙂 That's very very unfortunate I guess as you were crushing him! That Bxd4 was not easy to see and an awesome move really. Shame it ended that way but anyway I think you can still be very proud as that was a good game. It has everything, good strategy, a good tactic (that worked) and so on. Very informative for me.Obviously I'm not in a position to give you an advice but since you asked, I'll, as I suffer from the very same problem. I think the reason behind the moves like Qxg7 is the over optimism and the excitement, obviously. You know you're doing very good and just rush to finish and enjoy watching other games, proud. What I'm doing is, I'm trying to approach the position objectively like it isn't my game but someone else asking me to see if there is a mate or tactic. I know it is not fun that way but still helps to calm down and hopefully be more objective :)Anyway thanks for the video really enjoyed it and good luck with the next one. I guess I'll see you at Hampstead later this month.

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