Garry corrects Hikaru’s wrong analysis of the position | Sinquefield Cup

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The Sinquefield Cup is a prestigious chess tournament held annually in St. Louis, Missouri, named for the founders of the Saint Louis Chess Club, Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield. The tournament first ran in 2013 and has been part of the Grand Chess Tour since 2015. The prize fund in 2022 is $350,000 and the winner receives $100,000.

GM Magnus Carlsen
GM Alireza Firouzja
GM Fabiano Caruana
GM Ian Nepomniachtchi
GM Wesley So
GM Levon Aronian
GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
GM Hans Niemann
GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
GM Leinier Dominguez Perez

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FIDE Chess
Sinquefield Cup
Sinquefield Cup 2022
Grand Chess Tour 2022
Magnus Carlsen
GM Hans Niemann
Hikaru Nakamura
Alireza Firouzja
Ian Nepomniachtchi
World Chess Champion
Daniel Naroditsky


  1. Its amazing how garry keep up with this generation that grow with engine and computer database. Is scary how talented he is… in my opinion he is the best ever to play the game

  2. I didn’t see any arguments, tho. They were just discussing.

  3. Chess has a cheating problem, but not the lne we think.

  4. Come on; can't they just let the chess speak for itself?

  5. This is how world champions should be and act.
    If Kramnik would be there, he would say 'this is obvious, let's start the procedure'

  6. LMFAO they just became background noise

  7. When gary is telling some great moves his hands will shake

  8. Sorry dude, but they are talking about a completely different position.

  9. Guy with the microphone as Kendrick said: is not like us!

  10. Gary was like, bro, I am Hikaru and some more.

  11. Remember when Hikaru called you 'sus' if you didn't recall or explain the position? That was so Hans ago.

  12. Hikaru feels like a little kid compared to Garry.

  13. More chess notation than English. It's safe to say they are literally speaking chess.

  14. If you watch wizard of Oz and sync it to Yassers story about korchnoi wearing the mirrored sunglasses, it matches up perfectly.

  15. If you’re wrong ALWAYS accept it was wrong and learn from it

  16. wesley is good man too underated as well bruh if only he's registered as filipino not american then all filipino fans will know him and possibly have more fan base than hikaru filipinos are very very patriotic but wesley is not well known because theres no news about him before maybe but when they change his flag then he became less famous because chess here is well known all filipinos atleast know how all the pieces move, he will be the 2nd pacquiao. i wish he changed his flag or the goverment give him an offer to represent our country… i think that will change his game a little bit since now there's more people supporting you, like with hikaru he got better at chess since he started streaming, he even said it himself, and his stats don't lie as well.. just imagine wesley got the fame he deserve and not be treated like an outcast everywhere. i can't imagine representing other country than your own, and your own country doesn't know you. my father is a big chess fan before since my grandpa used to join tournament and he will go to his father's matches to support him then he died at 2002. i think he stopped watching since he doesn;t even know wesley but kasparov fishcher, tal and our country consider best chess player, eugene torre he entered gm at 22 while wesley is way bettter because he became gm at 14 but we can't compared that since there's a huge difference between players before and today. i just hope wesley changes his flag.. it sad to see him die and your own country not knowing what you did and achieve.

  17. Hikaru: Excuse me, I need to see the board.

  18. What is dude yapping about? Let us listen to the 2 super grandmasters discussing the game the other super grand masters are playing?

  19. Yasser Seirawan standing next to them, giving cheeky comments and enjoying the situation is gold! 😂

  20. my god we don’t care about this dude at 0:43, just come back to hikaru and kasparov

  21. I'm 1800 I have no fkn clue they talking abt

  22. Ok so they don't even need a board to play chess. Awesome

  23. Hikaru: where is my king?
    Garry: off his throne

  24. “Great position either way 3 outcomes” isnt it always 3 outcomes? Black winning, white winning, or draw?

  25. Wonder why Kramnik is missing from the scene? He's busy doing the procedure.

  26. Dude called them alpha males, nothing slpha about it

  27. Hikaru: Where is my king?
    Garry: I'm here!!

  28. If only Garry did not dwell much into politics… glad to see him again in the chess world


  30. Gotta love wesley. Hes so cute. (Not gay)

  31. Hikaru: "If queen takes takes takes takes…."
    Gary: "No"

  32. Hikaru was confused of the order of the moves, he didn't analyze it wrongly

  33. He's not correcting the wrong analysis of the position … Hikaru was thinking had another position in mind, that's why he's asking "where's my king". That's it.

  34. Alpha male is definitely not the correct choice of words, fierce competitors and high iq individuals, but they are not alpha males, maybe in terms of strategy you could say so but words have meaning for a reason.

  35. Kasparov is THE ONE. Nobody even comes close. Not even Carlsen, Nakamura or Whateverthefuckothermura. Gary Kasparov is the best and only genius chess player in history. Unmatched.

  36. Hans in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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