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  1. move 1 is queen h8. move 2 is queen h3.move 3 queen b3.move 4 queens g8.move 5 queen g4 move 6 queen c8 move 7 queen f8 move 8 queen b4 move 9 queen b8 move 10 queen h2 move 11 queen a2 move 12 queen a8 move 13 queen h1 and h1 for no.14 pls i want a membo

  2. I think I heard male voice πŸ€” the queen is imposter

  3. πŸŽ€π“‘π“Ύπ“¬π“±π“²πŸŽ€ says:

    Even if I tell
    I won't get it how sad

  4. Move 1 is queen h8. move 2 is queen h3. Move 3 queen 63. Move 4 is queen g8. move 5 is queen g4. move 6 queen c8. move 7 is queen f8. move 8 is queen b4. move 9 is queen b8. move 10 is queen h2. move 11 is queen h1. and finally queen to a1

  5. Bro u just showed the pattern with the mouse right clicksπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Btw can I get the membership

  6. 15 is the correct. by moving in straightline.

  7. Start at a1.Move diagonally to h8.Move one square to the left to g8.Move diagonally to a2.Continue moving diagonally along the edge of the board in a clockwise spiral pattern until you reach h1.Move diagonally to g1.Move one square to the right to h2.Move diagonally to b8.Continue moving diagonally along the edge of the board in a clockwise spiral pattern until you return to a1.This path ensures that the queen visits all 64 squares and returns to a1 at the end, without revisiting any square.

  8. i dont understand this question..the queen needs to be on all 64 squares right? and she starts at a1. so why does the pattern you presented does not work?

    whats the point of moving her diagonally across multiple squares? she still needs to visit each one

  9. a8, h1, b1, b8, h2, d2, h5, he, d7, h7, c2, c8, h8, a1, 14 moves, I've been doing this for an Hour now my head is starting to hurt 😡😡

  10. 16 moves screen shot and my Apple Pencil are my best friends

  11. bro it's 17 if I get it correct I want membership

  12. smart cuz its on the pfp so u can't see it

  13. Move 1 will be qh8, move 2 will be queen h3. Move 3 queen b3. Move4 is queen g8. Move 5 is queen g4. Move 6 is queen c8. Move 7 is queen f8. Move 8 is queen b4. Move 9 is queen b8. Move 10 is queen h2. Move 11 is queen a2. Move 12 is queen a8. Move 13 is queen h1. And the final move is queen to a1. I really need the diamond membership.

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