Ginger GM Simon Williams Chess Analysis: Diagonal Power

GM Simon Williams shows you the tremendous power of the diagonals on the chessboard.

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  1. Please stick to the ideas. Theory is kind of useless unless you describe the idea

  2. I LOVE the "Birds Opening". In any slower time-control Ill go for that about 60 percent of the time 🙂
    (Otherwise, I play the "London System" or 1. b3, the "Nimzowich-Larsen Attack.)
    I would REALLY like U to make videos about the Bird and Larson Openings. (London has enough videos already.)

  3. the lasker vs bauer game, black can also avoid checkmate by e5 (but lasker won the game anw with his following smart moves)

  4. Love the videos! Opening my mind to all new ideas in chess

  5. Loving everything you do Simon! The Blitz games are super entertaining – definitely don't stop!

  6. "Usain Bolt firing his arrow into space when he does that victory dance". I see you are up to date on your athletics Simon 😉

  7. In what years were these games played? I think it would be a fun fact if you said the year played for these tactics games.

  8. Simon u rule! keep the vids comming plz!!!

  9. I love the diagonal theme. I demonstrate the value of a bishop on my channel in great detail. One day the chess community will get on board and chess may be infused with fresh energy and greater interest. "Chess Secrets The Value Of The Pieces" 2 min video on you tube. Thanks for the lesson.

  10. Excellent stuff. Can't wait to start sacking my bishps.

  11. Thank you Simon. More please. Love the Birds opening. Simple but effective; right down my alley. And……. not one sac but two! oooooh baby, things get exciting.

  12. thank you for making these videos, very educational and funny to watch 🙂

  13. Hahahaha! That Simon Williams dude has been robbed time and again of his chance at winning the WCC.

    Behind Keres, he must be the best player to have never won it.

  14. Hi Simon,

    Brilliant vids man.
    Educational, funny and never boring.
    My favorite – the black and white Lion stuff but I think all your work is top.
    Loads and loads on ideas to improve ones game – its improved mine defo….
    Many thanks

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