GM Analysis #38 – The Maddest Game of Chess Ever! Gareyev vs Zulfic

Grandmaster Timur Gareyev is one of the most amazing chess players of our time. Holding the world record for playing 48 simultaneous BLINDFOLD(!) his play is something to behold. In this game he punts the Grob opening and all hell quickly breaks out across the 64 squares…

Timur Gareyev vs Fedja Zulfic
Gold Coast Open
Grob Opening – Sideline

1. g4 h5 2. g5 h4 3. g6 fxg6 4. Nf3 d5 5. c4 d4 6. Rg1 Qd6 7. c5 Qxc5 8. b4 Qd6 9. Na3 Rh5 10. Nc4 Qxb4 11. e3 dxe3 12. Ba3 exd2+ 13. Nfxd2 Re5+ 14. Be2 Qc3 15. Rc1 Rxe2+ 16. Qxe2 Qh3 17. Rxg6 Bf5 18.Qh5 Kd8 19. Nf3 Bxg6 20. Qxg6 Nf6 21. Rd1+ Nbd7 22. Ng5 Qg4 23. Ne5

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  1. @GingerGM is this the correct game? becuz Qc3+ after Ng5 would have been annoying and the PGNs i have seen of the game are different from what is shown as Rd1+ is not included.

  2. Thanks Simon! for the next GM analysis, Carlsen vs Svidler Biel 2018 !! 🙂

  3. GM Gareyev went native very quickly. All Australian chess games are like this.

  4. Come on Simon, we are a respectable audience. Dont assume we know of Angel Dust and it's mind affecting effects such as hallucinations and distorted sensory experiences. Which I totally got of wikipedia…

  5. Simon if you could post more videos of openings like the London and Black Lion, those clips were amazing!!

  6. So it looks like Black didn't move a minor piece until move seventeen. Is that a record?

  7. One stupid game… STUPID STUPID STUPID. (Wish if Magnus plays like this in biel chess)

  8. 11:10 what do you mean there are no checks that black can give? What about Qh1+? Paul Morphy taught us in the mid 1800s that piece development is most important. It's hard to believe any respectable player today would favor taking all those pawns and bringing out his queen early instead of developing his pieces.

  9. How the hell does agadmator have nearly 200,000 more subscribers than simon??

  10. Damnit Simon…lol…that was an awesome intro! Great quotes!

  11. Gareev avg. centipawn loss in this game 120. That means vs Carlsen and playing like this he will be down a queen in 5 moves.

  12. “There’s no checks for black” well there’s Qh1

  13. I can play 48 simul blindfolded and lose them all 😀

  14. Simon, his rating is comparable to yours which brings up the question, can all similarly-rated GMs play blindfolded?

  15. wow thanks for that Simon, your personal coverage only adds to the craziness and awesomeness of the gareyev spirit! 🙂

  16. This is the first time I heard of Timur. What an amazing player.

    Thanks for posting by the way. I appreciate that you post games from players that arent the typical 9 of today, or the classic GM's from the golden era.

  17. Fedja from Australia? Course he is Simon. I guess I come from China🤔maybe you Simon come from Russia? Only kidding…we all know you come from a middle class background and no doubt vote liberal democrats.

  18. If people wanna win in chess, they should play like Magnus.
    If people wanna have a bit of fun, they should play like these guys!

  19. Some people might think wow , what an amazing game. But basically this is just utter trash no point to watch these games,they have nothing to give. You throw your pawns away and hope that your opponent blunder at some point

  20. Funny fact. He registered USCF at my home state of Kansas. Kansas chess scene isn't the best either. Which baffles me why a world class GM would just decide to make KS his stomping grounds

  21. only 3 mins and i cant stop laughing, crazy opening!

  22. Thanks for drawing attention to this game. Very difficult. There seems to be errors in the score (Google for "Gareyev vs Zulfic chess 24", @11:37 22.Ng5?? was not played, instead 22.Rc1?? was!) , but this does not really matter much, as the essence goes perfectly through.

    Also respect for posting analysis without checking with engines, allowing yourself to make mistakes.
    PLEASE don't change that.
    Computers have increasingly made chess more boring, taking the challenge out of looking for improvements and mistakes.

  23. "Logic will bring you from point A to B, imagination will bring you everywhere."

  24. Timur is very aestetic attack player
    İ love attack players sorry i dont like positionel players thats why i dont like My countries players all of them defensive player

  25. İ think Timur is unic but his opponent can be better he shouldnt take that pawns and should start development

  26. I'm just a beginner, but even I found this weird. Great game

  27. clearly I am a mad man trying to keep myself sane.

  28. I'm a fan of Timur. Reminds me of when I was first introduced to the games of Rashid Nezhmetdinov.

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