GM Chess Analysis #51 Hurry Harry! Giri vs Carlsen – Croatia Grand Chess Tour (2019)

Magnus is back at it again! Winning in style with a very exciting game against Anish Giri.

Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen
Croatia Grand Chess Tour (2019), Zagreb, CRO, rd 1, Jun-26
Sicilian Defense, Nezhmetdinov Rossolimo Attack (B31)

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 e6 4. Bxc6 bxc6 5. d3 Ne7 6. h4 h5 7. e5 d6 8. exd6 Ng6 9. Nfd2 Bxd6 10. Nc4 Be7 11. Nc3 Ba6 12. Qf3 Bxc4 13. Qxc6+ Kf8 14. dxc4 Nxh4 15. O-O Nf5 16. Ne2 Rc8 17. Qa4 Rc7 18. Bf4 Rd7 19. c3 g5 20. Rad1 Rxd1 21. Rxd1 Qa8 22. Bc7 h4 23. f3 h3 0-1

The 2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour is a 12-player classical all-play-all tournament taking place from 26 June to 8 July 2019 in the Novinarski Dom in Zagreb, Croatia. Magnus Carlsen and all the regular tour players will compete for a prize fund of $325,000, with $90,000 for first place.

Players receive 130 minutes for the entire game, with a 30-second delay from move one. In case of a tie for first, rapid and, if necessary, blitz playoffs will be held on 8 July. The event is organised in partnership with Chess Club e4 from Zagreb. Official website:

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  1. 11:38 Qe4! on Be5 after Qa8 🙂 Then if Bxh8 Nh4 and wins. Otherwise white loses a piece.

  2. Great watch Simon. That'll teach Giri to twitter taunt!

  3. I would never play such a ugly move as Nfd2 ever on my own. To play ugly looking move like that I would need an engine that as think for hours telling me this is the best move to convince me.

  4. Go on simon we wating for more analysis of the grand chess toor

  5. Great analysis. I honestly think we've seen more of Harry at the top level since you've been doing your videos!

  6. Giri’s style of chess has never appealled to too many people and we see why.

  7. Thanks for this instructive video. Im your new filipino subscriber mabuhay and God bless

  8. Awesome!
    It feels like you keep hitting that sweet spot for condensing information, and
    adding to, into edible pieces which are enjoyable throughout the entire length
    of the video. Good vibes!

  9. Great video! Loving your content ever since I started watching 6 months ago! Keep it up!!

  10. After watching this, it's CLEAR Magnus has been nicking your moves Simon, he he!!

  11. great depth and yet concise. Explaining the ideas rather than computer moves, very instructive!

  12. I just love the videos you make because your classes are full of great ideas for improving our training and make us better chess players. Before I saw your first video (back in 2016) I've never thought about patterns in different openings and so on. I always tried to memorise long opening lines which never occured in my games. Since that year I've started "seeing" the game of chess differently thanks to you, GingerGM. You are simply the Best, as Tina Turner put it in her song. BIG THANK YOU for everything you do to my chess, although you don't know it.

  13. Such a privilege and delight to review an awesome game with my favorite Irish Grand Master. THANK YOU!!

  14. I don't know what is Harry in french. Maybe Henri. Henri le pion H. It sounds stupid, so it sounds french.

  15. Great video Simon! you should review Carlsen- Nepo from the Saint Luis Rapid. it fits your stile 🙂 .

  16. Hello Simon, i watch all your content here and on Twitch, awesome stuff. I really like that lately you are throwing in every blitz session at least one Dutch, one Torre, one Cole and one Black Lion. I have several of your courses and play several of the openings myself so its awesome to see them in practice 👍 if you remember, please add one Jobava attack per session too, that would be awesome its a very popular opening and its my favorite course so far 👍👍👍

  17. Simon: "I havent got the best memory"

    Also Simon: "This reminds me of a game i played 16 years ago"

  18. Something is off with the audio, sounds like bubbles popping sometimes, weird. But nevertheless awesome video as always!

  19. I love these instructive lecture videos. It's so good I had to rewind and rewatch some of the critical moments in the game.

  20. these are in general ur best videos, do more of these! please.

  21. Hi Simon. An interesting video. On the question of using 'harry', I've tried countless times to pull off a 'harry based attack', but I very rarely succeed. The problem is trying to understand where my pieces should be placed prior to the pawn push. I try and get my queen, rook, bishop and/or knight to the right squares but my, generally stronger, opponents always manage to find just the right squares to defend to stop my attack. Ho hum!

  22. Thanks for the video! Instructive and well done! Was expecting you to cover this game since Harry was involved! 😀

  23. I'd love an alphazero analysis expecially in games when he pushed HARRYYYY

  24. Excellent analysis as always. Good job Simon.

  25. Some sound issues present. But the content is great as always.

  26. Excellent commentary on an interesting game. Carlsen is truly a genius.
    Learning to see patterns – a good advice!
    At least I see the pattern: Magnus plays. Magnus crushes.
    And another medal of victory for Captain Harry!

  27. You once commentated with a cat, this time it sounds as if you got a Koi in your Studio! blblblub. Or an extraterrestrian…

  28. Using the phrase: "Hey ho" to prove you have a valid point is underestimated. It's what many Nobel prize winners do to strengthen their arguments. Especially astrophysicists. Correct me if I am wrong but I think it stems from such biblical terms like: "Hey ho and the world was created in seven days." After which you might want to add: "How the hell should I know?" Followed by: "Now get out of my way if you know what's good for you!" (RAF banter) But if you want to improvise feel free to go along the lines of: "Shut your face or Harry the H-pawn will shut it for you." As many important historians have said. (And Eddie Izzard) Lol!

  29. I love how you say 'learn patterns', not memorize reams of moves.

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