GM Chess Analysis #61 Stephen Jones vs Williams – a fiery Dragadorf!

Back in Black! Here’s my analysis of an exciting game with the ever-fiery Dragadorf. I was playing against Stephen Jones for Team Cheddleton at the 4NCL.

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  1. Very enjoyable. These are your best videos imo.

  2. If this game isn't a classical game, its even more horrifying for me…the level of depth you achieved in this game is commendable. It also motivates me to try out this dragondorf. I am originally a french def. player. But i am going to try out this opening for sure. Your videos have helped me a lot. Keep going forwards 💪

  3. Great video. Would like to see more of these!

  4. Your chess analises are easily in my top 5 youtube content!

  5. I'm certainly going to give the Dragadorf a go! Always liked your content, great fan of Harry…

  6. Ginger GM! When is Ginger GM (quack, quake) going to play Duck Duck Chess?

  7. Kb3 is rooted in extreme fear and is hence so irrational. Simon is a tactical player by nature!

  8. Breathing fire on the board, as usual 😀

  9. awesome attacking game and very cool h5 idea. 😀 As I remember you used to play Nbd7 and allow Bh6 without 0-0 and just get on with q-side attack? But this h5 is cool, I have to try this out in blitz, thanks! 😎

  10. Simon i've seen you play fearlessly like that against the super GM's with the same result …where did that Simon go?

  11. Love youre analises Simon. I was wondering if there are more games coming of reyckjavic? Or was youre game against Max Warmerdam indeed the last one? Anyway love the channel. Got the grandmaster gambit book for christmas and i never had more fun against the sicilian

  12. Great game, rock n roll indeed, thanks for sharing.

  13. Very nice tactical finish !! Final position after Rg4 it's worth of an endgame study…

  14. Got to see this one in person, was a bit distracted as I was losing terribly in my own game but yours was fantastic to follow


  16. Wow, Simon. If ever anyone believed that you had morphed into more of a social media influencer than serious chess player? Let this game serve as proof to the contrary. THAT GAME WAS WORLD CLASS! Would make your hero Morphy proud. And, of course, just to keep all us current fans interested it even involved your favorite buddy, Harry. Put that game in your pipe and smoke it!!! Bravo.

  17. I can't thank you enough for these videos Simon! Keep it up, you deserve way more recognition!!

  18. why do you like the b7 Bishop move, staring at a 3-pawn chain? were you betting on a Queen-side attack? I'm asking because eventually the best square for the black white-squared bishop proved to be e6, which could have been playable in one move if the bishop remained on starting position. (or was it key in the middle game for that bishop to cover the e5 square as well?

  19. Whoa! That calculation and tactical awareness is scary I knew not moving the rook was on the menu I just couldn’t imagine how it was cooked.

  20. love this game… personally i play that h5 move or Nbd2 and i correctly chose rook takes.. classic move in the south end dragon

  21. OTB videos and your analysis is top chess content on youtbe!

  22. This game demonstrates a lot of good thematic moves and ideas. I will add it to my model games list. Thanks.

  23. H5 hey ? I am going to give it a think. Very nice game.

  24. Simon loving the 200K+ "Ukranian" refugees in Ireland? You live in a checkerboard now, everything is black and white. Soon what was once all white will be all black. Enjoy.

  25. Love the Ne5 move sacking a whole rook! Only in a Dragon setup could you get away with such madness! Definitely need to start playing h5 more often in the Dragon. I stopped playing it because of g4 ideas….!

  26. Beautiful tactic at the end sir! Keep on posting these videos. They are very instructive.

  27. What a game simon. Nice opening and fantastic attacking chess, as always!

  28. Simon, how would you have handled the Moscow variation (e4 c5 Nf3 d6 Bb5+) ?🤔

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