GM Chess Analysis #62 – Did I just play the Game of the Year?

Well it’s still early days for 2023, but I was pleased with how this game went at my recent tournament and promised an analysis video… so here it is!

This game was played in round 2 of the Reykjavik Open 2023. My opponent was WIM Anastasiya Rakhmangulova from Ukraine, rating 2266.

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  1. Huge congrats, GM Williams, you well-dressed, sharp chess machine 😉

  2. Impossible!!!

    Winning without moving HARRY???

    😀 😀 😀

  3. Congrats Simon, I was very happy to see you putting something like this on the board. Well done Sir! I'm always rooting for you, and your success my friend. Cheers🎉

  4. I love your chess courses so much, Simon!

  5. All good things start with "so I was in the pub and we got talking…" 😉 excellent game!

    how do you recover from that? I think playing a beauty like that would've affected my play for the rest of the tournament because it doesnt get much better!

  6. You would give Tal a run for his money with that brilliancy ! Commentated with a touch of humour 😀👍

  7. 21:20 maybe Qc2 is a killer blow. Pleasure to see your full thoughts on the game. Ideas like Nd2 is what makes you an epic alltime attacker!

  8. Amazing game. Well done! That Nd2 move in the analysis is just incredible. I would never see that in a million years.

  9. Great video! I saw one recap of this already, but I was waiting for yours, and u didn’t disappoint! High art, Mr Williams! Kudos!! 👏👏👍🏽👍🏽

  10. Beautiful chess. Very glad to see you are back on a roll.

  11. Did you mention anything regarding a pipe and a smoke to your opponent after the game?

  12. I wish I could play boring openings the Ginger way😂

  13. Such clear explanation as usual, and congrats on playing an exciting game.

  14. More Tal than Morphy but an immortal game nonetheless. Congratulations!

  15. Piece of art, so well played. Loved to see it live and thnx for the recap!

  16. This game has something Morphy about it. The efficiency of white's pieces and the raking bishops, particularly the one on a3. Brilliant game!

  17. Been watching your content for the last 8 years or so. You greatly inspired my style (even got your killer dutch DVD and I play this opening at around 2000 level). Love to see your attacking chess!

  18. I only wished she played it out on the board instead of just resigning.

  19. Awesome game and hearing your thoughts on it is top tier content 👏

  20. One of the best chess content creators on YT , I really hate how long it takes you to upload more videos and titled tuesdays


  22. Fantastic game Simon. Congratulations, and thank-you for sharing your thoughts on it.

  23. Game of the year! 😄 I first saw this game here, the YouTube video with Blair Connell and Danny Gormally doing a great job commentating, with no spoilers, which was very thrilling on multiple levels, and have been waiting for you to put out your own analysis video. You are my favorite player, streamer, and teacher, so it was exciting enough just watching you compete, with Blair & others commentating. Based on the title of the video, I went into it with low expectations, really expecting it to be a "boring" game as the title suggested. Then it became so exciting and suspenseful, watching these brilliant and beautiful moves going down on the board, and so many on the internet recognizing my favorite player's outstanding game!

  24. Just think ? IF all of the immortal games in history had the players reviewing them like this at the time ? This is the best thing I have ever seen in regards to a game of the year being, almost immediately,explained in detail by the artist himself. IF others had done this the history of chess would be far more thorough.
    Well done, Viking raid completed.

  25. wow qgd with french structure rf1 checkmate after checkmate

  26. It's still best game of the year so far, Simon. Awesome attack you put together there.

  27. Haha I don't think I have heard of the Boring line of the Slav

    But besides having the game of the year, I'm pretty sure we have now the Ginger line in the Exchange Slav

  28. Man, what I'd give to be a fly on the wall in the room where GingerGM is chatting with the chess viking about pawn f3 loool

  29. Congratulations Simon! If you're ever in Finland/Helsinki I'll buy you a pint 🍻

  30. This game really teaches how calculation skills are built. Thank you GM Williams

  31. Third time I’ve watched this game, but just as entertaining as the first!

  32. A great game. Thank you for your insight's behind your opening idea.

  33. For the black pieces it was the chess equivalent of being hung drawn and quartered. Had all the ingredients of a Paul Morphy masterpiece. Praise doesn't come higher than that.

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