GM Chess Analysis #62 – Did I just play the Game of the Year?

Well it’s still early days for 2023, but I was pleased with how this game went at my recent tournament and promised an analysis video… so here it is!

This game was played in round 2 of the Reykjavik Open 2023. My opponent was WIM Anastasiya Rakhmangulova from Ukraine, rating 2266.

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  1. When I saw this, I jumped out of the bath naked, yelling "Eureka".I haven't been invited to babysit since.

  2. You and Eric Rosen are the most pleasant chess-tubers to watch!

  3. This game is a work of art. Lots of people can play chess but not everyone can play beautiful chess.

  4. Fantastic bro. Really superb I need to by heart this. Loved your analysis and the way you won the game congrats

  5. The Ginger Tal !!Those Tal games are rubbing off, mate!Well played 👍🏾

  6. Absolutely fantastic, my patient today recommended this one, and I just had to give this a watch, thank you to my patient, and thank you to Ginger GM on this beauty of a game. Stunning!

  7. Holy cow. The attacking lines in this man's head are terrifying…..

  8. This analysis is also a demo of almost every chess tactics that exists haha. Pins, skewer, Greek gift, forks, some rare checkmate patterns etc. This game is as good as any, in my humble opinion. Thank you Simon !

  9. Mediocre game against a mediocre opponent.

  10. After this game, the bishop on a3 went out for a cigarette

  11. I can't believe all the variations you had to calculate. That was beyond amazing! What a stunning game! This is just Art!

  12. Brilliant game Simon! Big congrats, I believe this is a great accomplishment in your career, to have your own "immortal game"!

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