GM Corrales Jimenez – GM Huschenbeth Pan-American Championship | Chess Game Analysis

In this video I am analyzing my game against GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez (Elo 2533) from the fourth round of the Pan-American Championship 2014. Enjoy watching!

Here’s my game analysis of my game from the sixth round against GM Kosintseva:

Huschenbeth – Corrales Jimenez: (click on PGN in the top right corner to download the game)

Niclas Huschenbeth (born February 29, 1992 in Hann. Muenden) is a German Chess Grandmaster. Huschenbeth learned how to play chess at the age of five and participated in youth chess tournaments. He was awarded the title of International Master in 2008 and the Grandmaster title in 2012. At age 18, he achieved his most notable success, becoming the youngest German Champion in history. He has played 52 times for the German national team and participated in two chess olympiads. Currently, Huschenbeth studies psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and plays for the university’s chess team.

Read his full biography here:


  1. Oh the Qd3, was such a nicely played game, sad not to win. Good luck next time. Thank you for the beautiful analysis

  2. 20:15 – gäbe es da keine andere Möglichkeit? Turm für den Springer herzugeben?

  3. Ist das ne Schachuniversität oder so … Wieso spielt man als Großmeister mir 25xy B Team? 😉 Kannst du vielleicht das Brett drehen wenn du schwarz hast?

  4. Very instructive. Thanks for posting. Happy New Year. Chess Love

  5. 20:20 – I was actually hoping.
    Ha, sonst sagst du immer, Schach sei ein konkretes Spiel 🙂
    Den Spruch "Hoffnung ist der Tod des Kaufmanns." kann man auch auf das Schach übertragen 😉

  6. Very interesting game to watch, Niclas. Great stuff.

  7. Very nice and thank you for another video in English….Good start to the new year.

  8. Terrific video, thanks! Very clear explanation of your thoughts during the game.

  9. About the end of the variation you mention at 14:33: I'm not sure I agree with your assessment there.
    Does Black really have to settle for a "Remisschaukel"? It seems to me that 1.b3 is forced to give the king some breathing room. But then Black can continue the attack with 1…Rc8 and moves like Qd5, Nc2+. The White King is weak and Black's pieces are very active. I'm no computer, but it feels like the Black initiative is still worth a piece.

  10. Very sharp game, typical Sicilian plans, with black equalizing too early.Can you please give us some advice about how to master the Sicilian defense ? any good books, or websites to start with ? Thanks in advance!

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