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  2. Why did Lance Armstrong cheat after winning 6 straight Tour of France… Why did Jetter cheat…Why do any pro athlete cheat???

    Not saying he is cheating…but in 46 games in blitz not even a mouse slip???

  3. according to the ELO topic in wiki, "A player whose rating is 100 points greater than their opponent's is expected to score 64%; if the difference is 200 points, then the expected score for the stronger player is 76%. "
    you mentioned that he was playing players even 300 pts difference (near 90%?). Hakaru is also, as you stated, one of the best at the format he was playing under. 64% doesn't mean squat in these circumstances. the math comments are spot on. I tried to explain the same concept to my son. I told him i would flip a coin 10 times. of course some were head/ some were tails. I then told him, now i will write down a pattern of 10 flips and you tell me if it is random. I wrote down 10 heads. that is where the lecture stared. improbably for a single run, but possible. or as a co-worker statistician like to remind me, "one anecdotal test case doesn't prove anything". cherry picking data to try to find a match to what YOU want to believe is true is bad math, period.

  4. "Strength in truth" – the favorite putler-ism quote from Bodrov move Brat 2.

  5. Kramnik is apparently trying to compete with Bobby Fischer for the "former world champion who went crazy" crown.

  6. “And he sacrifices THE RESPEEEEEEEECT!!!!!!!!”

  7. As a Bulgarian myself I remember that match against Topalov very clear and when I heard those accusations against Hikaru I was thinking: "the thief calls – catch the thief" 😀
    After all this Kramnik is nothing more than a clown. Can't wait to see his analysis and statistics which will "knock out" Hikaru.

  8. One of the best chess players doesn't know how a discussion works apparently

  9. At this point I feel like the cheating epidemic causes less damage to the chess community than the unfounded cheating accusation epidemic.

  10. Wow, what a piece of garbage. He makes innuendos and claims but lowers the standards for the accusers and raises the bar for anyone who might be accused so high that it's impossible to prove yourself innocent. Just make a claim or kind of make a claim and leave it out there for people to imagine there is actual proof of guilt. Wouldn't it be nice if the tables were turned on the accuser.

  11. Judging by how bad Kramnicks mahth was last time, im pretty suspicious of those "low probability" events hes found. Cause the 45.5/46 thing, there was like a 2% chance of. 2% is huge, things with that chance happen all the time

  12. I guess this is just what happens when you spend to much time playing chess.

  13. Doing one more 40+ win streak to prove a point is gigachad behaviour

  14. Hikaru beats kramnik in rapid and blitz all daaaaaaay!

  15. I'm lucky. No one is questioning my losing streak…

  16. So basically sounds like he analyzed the probability of a cherry-picked subset of the data. Beginner error in statistics.

  17. What if Hikaru invites a few FMs for offline blitz event and play like 80-100 games with them to try to repeat the streak. It might be a cool event!

  18. Dont remember the last time he over performed
    Cold from levi cold

  19. Imagine bringing up probability without sample size forgot to compare it to the number of games played BIG TIME FAKE NEWS even if the chance of something happening is small if you give it enough chances to happen eventually it will that's how probability works

  20. Kramnic never fails to make chess speak for itself

  21. Hikaru has wrote numerous books on speed chess. He's won blitz OTB and online as well as online bullet tournaments. I agree with you Levy, this is a bit insane.

  22. Well Levy probably is an excited degenerate, but he’s our excited degenerate and we find his logic well taken here.

  23. How it looks for me:
    1. Kramnik started an investigation to promote online anti-cheating actions. Something which needs to be done.
    1. Why he choses to post all this in postures, like some kind of episodes of a tv show.
    2. Why he doesn't show probability numbers and his calculations.

  24. There is no way Hikaru can be cheating simply by his speed and ability to explain what he is doing while it's happening. He is arguably the best speed chess player (at least defensively) which gives zero time to actually cheat even if he wanted to.

  25. Нравится, как Крамник с улыбкой и спокойным голосом сливает данные порциями, а вокруг начинает полыхать всё сильнее.

  26. Kramnik needs to be investigated for conspiring with at least one other Russian chess player who shall remain nameless in order to oust Hikaru from the candidates – at the time it was last played it was said Hikaru didn''t deserve to be in it and yet he nearly won.
    They haven't forgotten. I'll be starting a petition for this, look for it soon. Such obvious attempts to subvert natural results cannot be tolerated. Investigate Kramnik!

  27. He actually has a satellite in orbit thats how he is able to read it from anywhere

  28. I also recently had 12 games winning streak even though my win percentage is around 50 percent as well. Things should be looked into context more than numbers even though numbers here also favours the Hikaru

  29. Kramnik really thinks he speaks for the chess itself

  30. When Levy talked about it being easier to play online than at real life events, losing rating and all that pressure was almost as if he was self-inserting, he himself is an example of someone who fares better online that otb

  31. Displate doesn't ship to Hungary but ships to every country around it. Makes sense.

  32. Hikaru Nakamura, un gran maestro del ajedrez, ha demostrado su talento y habilidad en innumerables ocasiones, dejando claro que es uno de los mejores ajedrecistas de nuestro tiempo. Es lamentable que algunas personas puedan insinuar que él podría hacer trampa en el juego, cuando es evidente que con su destreza y conocimiento del ajedrez, tal acto sería innecesario e impensable.

    Desde muy joven, Nakamura ha destacado en el mundo del ajedrez, demostrando su agudeza mental y capacidad estratégica en cada partida. Su dedicación y pasión por el juego se han reflejado en su constante crecimiento y en los numerosos logros que ha obtenido a lo largo de su carrera.

    Es importante destacar que el ajedrez es un deporte basado en el intelecto y la estrategia, donde la honradez y el fair play son fundamentales. Insinuar que un jugador de la talla de Nakamura podría hacer trampa es una falta de respeto hacia su integridad y su trayectoria.

    Personalmente, considero a Hikaru Nakamura como uno de los mejores ajedrecistas de la actualidad, a la altura de Magnus Carlsen. Su habilidad para analizar posiciones, su creatividad en el tablero y su capacidad para tomar decisiones rápidas lo convierten en un adversario formidable y digno de admiración.

    El talento de Nakamura es innegable y su éxito en el ajedrez se debe a su dedicación, esfuerzo y ética de trabajo. Acusarlo de hacer trampa es una injusticia que desmerece todo lo que ha logrado y todo lo que representa como jugador.

    En lugar de cuestionar su integridad, deberíamos celebrar y apreciar su contribución al mundo del ajedrez. Nakamura es un ejemplo de excelencia y su presencia en el tablero es un regalo para todos los amantes de este fascinante juego.

    En resumen, Hikaru Nakamura es un ajedrecista excepcional, cuyo talento y habilidad son indiscutibles. Insinuar que podría hacer trampa es injusto y carece de fundamentos. Para mí, él está a la altura de Magnus Carlsen y merece el reconocimiento y la admiración de todos los aficionados al ajedrez.

  33. Hikaru Nakamura, a grandmaster of chess, has consistently showcased his talent and skill, establishing himself as one of the best chess players of our time. It is unfortunate that some individuals may insinuate that he could cheat in the game when it is evident that with his expertise and knowledge of chess, such an act would be unnecessary and unthinkable.

    From a young age, Nakamura has excelled in the world of chess, demonstrating his mental acuity and strategic prowess in every match. His dedication and passion for the game are reflected in his continuous growth and the numerous achievements he has garnered throughout his career.

    It is important to emphasize that chess is a sport based on intellect and strategy, where honesty and fair play are fundamental. To insinuate that a player of Nakamura’s caliber would cheat is a disrespect to his integrity and his trajectory.

    Personally, I regard Hikaru Nakamura as one of the top chess players of our time, on par with Magnus Carlsen. His ability to analyze positions, his creativity on the board, and his capacity to make quick decisions make him a formidable opponent and someone worthy of admiration.

    Nakamura’s talent is undeniable, and his success in chess is a result of his dedication, hard work, and work ethic. Accusing him of cheating is an injustice that undermines everything he has achieved and everything he represents as a player.

    Instead of questioning his integrity, we should celebrate and appreciate his contributions to the world of chess. Nakamura is an exemplar of excellence, and his presence on the board is a gift to all chess enthusiasts.

    In summary, Hikaru Nakamura is an exceptional chess player, whose talent and skill are beyond dispute. To insinuate that he could cheat is unfair and lacks foundation. For me, he is on par with Magnus Carlsen and deserves recognition and admiration from all chess fans/enthusiasts.

  34. I guess, if there's a lesson to be learnt here, is that you can be the World Chess Champion and still do stupid stuff so.. always be humble.

  35. did they hide the russian flag or am i tripping? xd

  36. A Russian who believes in censorship!? Who ever heard of such a thing! 😂

  37. Despite if you think Hikaru is cheating or not ( IMO it's a ridiculous accusation), what Kramnik is doing is incredibly dishonest . He's pointing fingers without showing evidences, he stops any possible open debate about this and he also claim that everybody else around Hikaru thinks he's cheating . the latest is probably the more dishonest of Kramnik's behaviour, trying to isolate Hikaru from the rest of the pro community and involving other people in his accusations. Ian is not less of an idiot: if you want to say something just say it loud, this passiveaggressive I am the only one understand and laugh at my jokes is just pathetic.

  38. Kramnik is always a paranoid chess player, sore loooosser. 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Based on the high number & content of posts by Kramnik the probability of him being woke & entitled is extremely high.

  40. Gathering statistical data is one thing. Knowing how to interpret such data is clearly other thing. Kramnik should refrain from being a Spanish Inquisition wannabe and keep it to himself. As a man to bring up hysteria, maybe he should remember what he truly is: a chesse player. Not a statistics specialists. Also, bringing up imaginary math specialists is just petty and dishonest argumentation. Well, I hope Hikaru likes indemnisation, because, oh boy, that's a lawsuit if I've ever seen one.

  41. Jesus, Kamnik aged poorly, didn't he? Yikes.

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