GM Hikaru Nakamura Subscriber Games with Analysis

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  1. I watch the videos for the great chess education but god, he really repeats himself like a broken record. Exhausted from hearing him say: was it 2002, was it Jason? Jesus!

  2. How to play with Hikaru? I love his tactical playing way

  3. More of these analysis games, extremely instructive, thanks!

  4. Naka: Kd7… Ke6… Kf5

    Opponent: Ok! I resign! 😀

  5. In 2002 at the Chicago Open both Sunil and Hikaru beat Jason according to the Chicago Open archives.

  6. Appreciate all the work you do on Youtube. Not all of us working stiffs have the time to watch you live on twitch all the time. Thank you for the uploads!

  7. some people do not remember what they had for breakfast, but some remember the position of a chess game 7 years ago 🙂

  8. @9:11 welcome to world of chess where we remember things from 9MILLION years ago

  9. Watched you play bullet on the other day and it is amazing how fast and accurate you are. Possibly one of the best in the world.

  10. Maybe have it to where chat is closer to game? Seems like it would be annoying to go back and forth 1000x

  11. what song at opening n closing? anybody tell me please?

  12. 15:22 isn't Nf6 just a blunder though? White can take with Bxe5 and then black either loses an exchange after Rxe5 or falls apart.

  13. I'm sure the locals do pronounce Amarillo as two 'l's. Locals are great at pronouncing foreign words wrong and then looking at you like you are the idiot for saying it with the original pronunciation xD

  14. Quisiera tener el cerebro de Naka, que se hace tremendo genio, junto a Magnus y MVL de los mejores en blitz

  15. You are my favourite player of all times. I love you

  16. Amazing format I wish Hikaru does this more often

  17. all else aside, hikaru is just such a chill and likeable dude, and i can't really think of a better ambassador for chess. i love strategy games and complex puzzles, but i could never really get into chess. until i started watching these videos, and now i'm playing / watching chess vids every day.

  18. Now how do we get Hikaru to give us coaching lessons. Do you have be in his discord or chess circle?

  19. My friend said you taught him and his hockey team how to play chess in Egypt

  20. "I highly recommend great moves."

    I would if I could.


  21. @GMHikaru, there was a mate. 7 moves from king takes G2.

  22. Did Hikaru literally describe a board from a game he had in 2002 and as well as how some other peoples board, who were playing besides him?

  23. Man called himself an idiot but has a 3200 rating

  24. Hikaru is only chess super gm that is not so shy he is good 👍👍

  25. Hikaru doesn't even look at the board '-'

  26. Magnus and Hikaru are Messi and Ronaldo for chess. Hikaru being this brilliant player and Messi just having that extra edge on him 🙂

  27. Also, man's is casually remembering a string of moves in a chess tournament he played 18 years ago. Even if it was the only game he played that day, which he played so many more, that's INSAAAAAANE!!!

  28. 16:16 Rxg3 Kg2 Re4 and then Rf4 coming is not checkmate in 2??? please reply what i missing he is not

  29. What a fucking brain…I too have a brain but of no use just trying for years…

  30. This Nakamura & 2020 Nakamura.

    Both are significantly different.

  31. would be great if he just focused on the game instead of talking nonstop

  32. From my patzer standpoint it looked to me like that 1900 player was playing really well, and watching Hakaru just casually take him down, not even concentrating while he’s gabbing on and on was something to behold.

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