GM Hikaru Nakamura Subscriber Games with Analysis

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  1. Ey hikaru you should continue your blitz speedrun

  2. Like dude.. How can you even calculate and think that far and fast.. Sheeesh.. :))

  3. Hikaru; Im a genius
    Also Hikaru : Im an idiot


  4. Thank you Hikaru. It was very insightful and instructive

  5. Wow. Watching you carry on random chat and play crushing chess at the same time is great. And then talking through all the tactics your opponent missed!! No surprise, I guess, just obvious extreme high level chess mastery. Wow

  6. I'm 66 and I'm not quite finished with chess. I have some other creative outlets such as the Guinness World altitude record for kites. I'm going for 25,000 ft. next year and 40,000 ft. in later years. I also make display kites nd made a chess themed japanese Rokkaku design.

  7. 9 million years ago, nice number.

  8. Remembering chess from — a different life, almost. Indeed. Lol. Thx.

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