GM Ninomae Inanis vs IM Pikamee Chess Match Analysis (Hololive) (VOMS)

Qe4 1/2 – 1/2
Not exactly a Baka Mitai

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Why? The Vtuber idea started a few years ago in Japan with Kizuna AI. Now people from all over the world including both Japan and English speaking countries have Vtubers. I was learning Japanese since before this happened, and now I translate.
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  1. IM Pikamee stalemate trapped GM Ina while down so much material. IM Eric Rosen would be proud

  2. Something about you saying Grandmaster Pikamee in your accent makes this video 10x better

  3. Why is there a minor but significant overlap between chess fans and vtuber fans? I'm one of both, myself, and clearly you are too 🤣

  4. At the end, isn't there a checkmate by moving Queen f4 to c4?

  5. This is so good lol. I hope they see this

  6. Oh god, if I watched this video, I would have lost my mind

  7. Was laughing more than i should have 😂😂😂

  8. The worst offender was the stalemate at the very end. I haven't played chess in years but even I know that 2 rooksqueens are allow you to easily capture a lone king. I'm betting Ina got a stalemate on purpose because she wanted the collab to last longer, she is the smartest EN member after all.

  9. "In terms of strategy we dont have any strategy"

    'Ina the gm'

  10. 23:18 "because Grandmaster Ina'nis does not blunder queens… very often" killed me

  11. I'm convinced that Ina intentionally plays nice when playing chess in collabs with people unfamiliar to the game. This sort of thing has happened twice now. "How can I not embarrass my friend?" sort of thinking, perhaps in an effort to not scare said friend away from the game for good. Unfortunately, the opponent seems to usually not live up to the many opportunities given, and it kinda comes across as either Ina toying with them or Ina messing up.

  12. I can tell how hard he's trying not to burst out laughing when analyzing this chess game, lmao!

  13. I actually can't tell after all that if you were putting on the accent or not. Great video, loved the analysis!

  14. Maybe the real king in this game was Double Negative all along

  15. Ina: skilled enough to get an endgame in which she has two queens and a knight against a lone king
    Also Ina: rolls a natural 1 on a skill check and Leeroy Jenkins herself into a stalemate

  16. I simultaneously hate and like this for sounding so convincing

  17. Why are we here for 20 minutes+? Just to suffer?

  18. This is the funniest video I have seen in a long time. Love how you show and explain the several optimal moves to do and they just do the worst move possible.

  19. Well, there's better solution on the end… rather than ladder mate, it's actually mate in one Qf8 -> c4

  20. oh man, i dont play chess well enough to appreciate the strategy, but kuddos for the cool video lol

  21. Not gonna lie, I've never expected to witness legendary 'Pikamee defense' with my own eyes.
    This was outstanding match!

  22. Well the jokes on them i came here to watch the amazing Grandmaster Inanis and her
    Totally predicted Queen throw i mean distraction ,
    Perfectly planned Rook sacrifice
    and all according to plan Stalemate. (no sarcasm)

  23. Respect!

    Hope we can see another clipper who can analyze chess and made them defend the vtuber they are rooting for.

    Solid content!

  24. should have used the stockfish engine analyzer so we can see the evaluation bar's suffering LMAO

  25. Bless Youtube's algorithms for bringing me here.

  26. Ngl, I thought this was supposed to be a channel focusing on cess analytics 😂😂😂

  27. wow! its even worse when you have it explained to you!

  28. A bold move DN let's see how it works out for her.

  29. I love it how you're explaining all the amazing possibilities for black to regain her footing but then pikamee just move the other way on the very next turn lmao

  30. This is brilliant and probably better than it would seem at first glance

  31. I died when Pikamee played the bongcloud

  32. I, a super GM, would like to point out that there was indeed no mistakes or blunders in this game and all the moves that are played are way too advanced for today’s computers.

  33. I can't tell if you're trying to hold in your laughter throughout the whole commentary, but this was so funny xD

  34. I started chess as a complete newbie because I clicked on this video and genuinely enjoyed the analysis. Cheers man

  35. Oh god, never thought about watching someone doing a full on analysis of a vtuber match. Sasuga, the pain and the voice cracking really give it a great immersion on the pain.

  36. 7:19 you fool, that’s not blundered, the IM pikamee is actually do the modern technique called “botez gambit” invent by alexandra botez and now on-going research by some super gm like hikaru

    The idea in this gambit is that put the knight in e7 so the knight cannot defending the Bh4+, after Kd2 Bxd7 and after white moves, Nd8

    But IM pikamee is misorder the moves and going straight to Nd8 and not checking with bishop first, maybe this is new technique that i still not learned.

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