Greek Gift w/the London System | Beginner Chess Analysis Series

Here’s my first Greek Gift Sacrifice while playing the London System during a chess game. I’ve been playing chess for three months, so I am still very new to chess. As a beginner chess player, I hate being behind on material, but I need to start thinking of positional chess instead of just material advantages. This video is for fellow beginners looking to learn about chess tactics and strategy. Follow me @


  1. The Greek gift in the London is one of my fav moves. And the engine wanted you to take the bishop over the knight for a few reasons. The bishop was a in a stronger position, it guarded the c3 pawn that your rook was seeing and the knight was on the edge of the board, far from the action. Double filing your pawns and exposing your king was less of a threat to you than your rook was to him. Great vid man.

  2. Wow loved your funny and entertaining commentary! Liked the high quality video! I also make online chess videos and one of my recent videos is also beating a grandmaster, grandmaster Yasser! I would really appreciate if you check it out when you are free! 😀

  3. good vid man, you should look into the queens gambit you get some ideas that could help you a lot with your playstyle (mainly where you start playing c4 and all that)

  4. very nice! also if you had taken with your rook you would've lost your queen 9:59

  5. This is good I like this, I subscribe for you friend. You make more. I watch more.

  6. King H8 is best move instead of taking because if he takes, queen d3 wins the knight

  7. As a noob, you are really easy to follow. Great stuff man!

  8. It was a transition into the queens gambit not really a london. Also why is a 1300 playing a 1000

  9. At 6:55 i think the main reason he did not take your bishop was because than you could move your queen to D3 and then he would have lost the knight.

  10. I'm a noob my elo, is only like 500 so I like this content

  11. No offense. You shpuld play more if you want to do chess videos for others use. There is a toooon of chess material and I saw several eh moves in the opening. Not worth my time when chess studying time is already precious. I'd 100% of the time study a GM or IM video over someone rated 1300. For example… qc2 instead of qb3 to help an eventual e4 push which should be a transposition idea. Can avoid the lines with Be6 too

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