Hammond & May play chess downing shots – summary

A short summary of:
“Hammond & May try to play chess while downing shots”:

…where James May and Richard Hammond (presenters of popular TV shows Top Gear and The Grand Tour) play chess and down shots of gin.

The original video is 1h17m long and it is hard to follow the actual game being played.
So, I have summarised it, made it easy to follow the moves and added a drinks counter.

I have also created a video to be played alongside the original one, which has a chess board being updated in real time, as well as a drinks counter, in order to maximise your enjoyment of this highly entertaining pair:


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  1. Thank you for the video. I was so upset because they didn't show the board

  2. I watched the entire original chess video and never really looked at the game so this is interesting to see what they were actually doing.After watching this completely it makes me think amateur chess is more interesting because you don’t know what they are planning and its on the fly so its just more fluid and fresh without both players planning openings and everything. In some ways thats really what chess is all about. Its a shame chess is so old in a way because it takes some of the mysteries out of the game. All games develop metas I suppose lol.

  3. i love how you include the drunken antics in the game commentary with such a calm professional british sportscaster voice lol

  4. Thank you for deciphering the game for us 😁👏🏻

  5. I appreciate how you knew how to win the game after the first few moves. That's amazing.

  6. The conversation explained sounds so deranged omg

  7. 1:22 he would not lose the rook it would be mate in 1 if he would recapture xD

  8. I'm impressed someone managed to decipher the game

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their game but felt that a clear view of the board and the moves was missing so perfect video, I like that your commentary referenced what was happening in the video at the time for reference as to when things happened

  10. The casual between turns commentary of what they are talking about is beautifully entertaining.

  11. As someone with the same chess skills as May and Hammond, thanks for the video. Was fun to see it like this.

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