Hans’ analysis was incoherent

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  1. Note that when you get to go against the world's best in any game or sport, you never get tongue-tied. No never. Thus Hans cheated, and it's so easy to cheat, and…. Anyone getting tired of the "logic" presented by the Hans Haters Club?

  2. Well said: He was incoherent in trying to GIVE incoherent lines.

  3. Was wanting to see Eric’s take on this! I guess I can look through the twitch vods

  4. I completely agree. He was trying to rattle off moves like Hikaru and it was sounding more like Joe Biden.

  5. youd have to watch alot of GMs analysis of games to know hans is really incoherant in explaining his analysis. its night and day. he puts too much emphasis on many moves with no real confidence in what hes talking about

  6. Hes incoherent because he is studying the engines analysis and applying it in games and its incoherent to human understanding.Even Magnus can nog understand fully how engine analyses.

  7. Hans is a cheating degenerate. The sooner we can all agree on this fact, the sooner we can move from this shit

  8. yea just look at hans others interview. he is that kind of awkward person who say nonsense.

  9. I know people that can freestyle better than they can write. Sometimes can't explain it just felt like a good move.

  10. Alexandra Botez last video comments were turned off.. she looked about 15 lbs heavier and it all went south .. not good.. ugh

  11. Honestly I don’t believe any of the « proof » out there about Hans cheating because they are all flimsy at best, but this interview of him not being able to explain his thought process in any logical or coherent way is sus enough to warrant a full blown official investigation. Was he in a trance state? Was he having an out of body experience? How come you play the best chess of your life and can’t explain how? When I play checkers or tic tac toe the moment I realize I am going to win I can’t wait to rub my opponent’s mistake in their face and gloat about the genius I am, I can’t even imagine what I would feel about beating the best chess player in the history of chess. Every winning move I made would be burned into my memory and I would take every opportunity I can to explain in long boring details how I got to that conclusion.

  12. I do agree with Magnus.. I believe Eric Hanson has not cheated vs Hans Niemann.. But I don't believe in Hikaru's analysis.

  13. Simple Hans was cheating and don’t understand the game he played.

  14. That’s ok, but next time you ask 20 year old Kurt Cobain to give a presentation of why his music rocks, don’t be surprised if he’s not as eloquent as you’d hope. It’s quite possible that prodigies are over emotional or just too young to coherently teach others.

  15. Not everyones brain works like Hikaru, guy.

  16. The tournament wasn't over, he may have had to play Magnus again. Why would you explain how you just abused someone that you may have to beat again. Many of you chess players are really not too smart at the end of the day. DON'T OVERTHINK IT.

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