Hans Niemann Is Insane…

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0:00 Intro
2:22 Game 1
8:50 Game 2
15:16 Game 3
19:59 Game 4


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  1. gotham recently posted a video where he cheated and now hes saying he has Hans same prep could this mean Levy is also cheating ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. I think he's just trying to kiss Niemann ass in the video, for obvious reasons!!

  3. I got into chess in high school. Introduced by a friend. I think we had chess as a choice of sport subject, but chose tennis instead. Nowdays focused on chess and wanting to be a leading online player. Hans has remarkable accuracy, I might study all his games I can find on the internet.

  4. I clearly don’t know chess, why can’t you just take the black pawn with the queen on b4?

  5. Wait. So Hans is still playing OTB tournaments. Isn’t he then contradicting his own lawsuit?

    Isn’t a big part of his lawsuit that he won’t be able to play in tournaments because no one trusts him, as irreparable damage was done to his reputation?

  6. Not always bad to be blunted but here it is

  7. The clickbait titles are not only expected but appreciated. Also I don't think this one is clickbait, he is insane

  8. Strong tournament? Yes, having 200-300 points Elo advantage helps

  9. I am not gonna lie, I clicked because at first glance thought it was a video about SBF the FTX guy. 😅

  10. Daniil Yuffa, first player to record a perfect 10/10 in Titled Tuesday. Hasn't played one since…

  11. I’m glad I read the comments before watching

  12. From cheater to insane. That's a hero arc if I've ever seen one. Best character development since The Last Airbender.

  13. 35th in the world is probably where he belongs. Nobody ever doubted that I don’t think. But his arrogance AFTER cheating and pretending like he DESERVED the win is what makes people angry. At least now maybe he’ll have some humility.

  14. I love it when the guy getting bullied stands up for himself and kicks some rear end

  15. @ GothamChess My games are more insane Can you comment on them. Please🥺

  16. You should make a random video about a random noob beating rated players.

  17. YouTube comment section speaks for itself

  18. Don't show this person again. He's a sore ass loser. Goes against chess etiquette

  19. Here rom lex. Not chess, however I’m into enthusiasm for excellence especially in mental application. You did well for yourself and community. Just an outsiders opinion so I subscribe, I learn, and I appreciate. Thank you sir P.S. I hope this helped since you read clearly the comments today. F the haters as a presenter you do a good ass job again I don’t like chess yet, so I’m just a media consumer assessing you starting from a point of disinterest and you were noteworthy. Have a good one Sir….

  20. Magnus means great
    Niemann means nobody
    Chess speaks for itself

  21. Yet Another clickbead thumbnail ropes me in

  22. What was that inside Niemann's mouth in the thumbnail?

  23. Played in a very Alpha-Zero kind of style by Niemann.

  24. I didnt watch it. I unsubbed too. But I guess the beads are working again.

  25. Its almost like he didn't cheat and Magnus is an awful loser like we all knew

  26. Idiots arguing over clickbait in the comments of the same video:
    Video engagement be like: my turn bitches

  27. I’d rather be blunted these bitches are all for the smash

  28. I really enjoy Niemann's games…and the drama ain't bad, either.

  29. Been a fan since Covid dropped(get ready for the asterisk lol) love your videos and what you bring to the table… thoroughly enjoyed you on Lex’s podcast as well. Always an enjoyable way to watch chess, learn, with pizazz and fun! 🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  30. welcome to the GM of clickbait titles. I hope the daily views makes it worth losing people due to those.

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