Hikaru on losing to Magnus – FINALS Day 2 ANALYSIS Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour

Immediately after the games finished – Finals – Day 2 games on August 15, 2020, Hikaru streamed game analysis on his own games vs Magnus Carlsen

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  1. Bathroom breaks during the game are allowed?

  2. 13:35
    You were playing unbelievable chess bro. Just unreal stuff!

  3. day 4 live now? so who is leading? im so confused

  4. Magnus is a flipping millionaire can someone buy him a decent camera and microphone it’s kinda embarrassing

  5. Half of the comments be like –
    "Oh wow hikaru is so level headed/ cool after losing the match."

    What did you expect, Hikaru to smash his monitor?

  6. Hikaru talking and thinking so fast it might rupture space time continuum

  7. Hi there, Magnus! I know you are watching this.

  8. I start watching this as like "Oh yes, obviously that position has that advantage" to like 4 mins in and i say who am i kidding and go watch something of my level

  9. As if YouTube is pushing Magnus' chess trainer ad on here. Pretty cheeky if you ask me

  10. I want to know what that heckler was saying in the chat before he got banned lol

  11. I love how Hikaru always refers to his style of chess as good chess

  12. It's cool how high level GMs are letting us into their minds via the internet. This kind of interaction was so rare in the recent past, and it didn't exist at all in the distant past, unless you were friends with them.

  13. 8:00
    Newbie here – why wouldn’t he take the pawn with king E5? Shouldn’t that give him more breathing room?

  14. 2 powerful men playing chess! Awesome content.

  15. I was rooting for ya. But I guess So won it, I thought it'd be you and Carlsen in the final.

  16. "I wasn't just mad. I would say I was on the verge of tilted." 😂

  17. How come the title isn’t Super GMHikaru losing???

  18. You jump around too much. Think of your audience.

  19. Lmao I wonder what vanguard said to get banned

  20. Not to hate on the guy.. but his rationale on citing instances were other ppl broke the rules @11:53 , plus the ban on a viewer @21:19 (regardless of how dumb/insensitive/disrespectful their comment was.. obviously idk what was said exactly..)
    that's just a bit childish..

  21. @1:40 I love how the level of analysis swings from GM to "find mate in 1 move" in a split second and it looks totally natural and friendly when Hikaru does it

  22. Why did magnus not move his knight when Hikaru attack it with the pawn.

  23. You banned him for saying good bye? Haha gangsta

  24. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sniff sniff waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhg

  25. 4:06 someone HAS to tell what happened there? If the pawn is at b4 how did nakamura eat it??

  26. How did Hikaru take the pawn at 4:04, is that a rule that I dont know about but that pawn is clearly next to Hikaru's pawn so from my understanding it should not be possible to take that pawn.

  27. 21:16 why does hikaru ban people for basically no reason? like, don't get me wrong, but it really kinda sounded like he was blaming the camera for his failure. and I've seen him baning other people for reasons like that many times. other streamers just simply move on when seeing commrnts like this one but he acts like a baby and just bans people XD

  28. If it is a matter of getting disqualified, just piss in your living room. Don't leave the camera. I am not joking.

  29. I love how Magnus is so much better than you, it's awesome

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