Hikaru vs Anish Giri, Speed Chess Championship Analysis

Hikaru vs Anish Giri, Speed Chess Championship Post Match Analysis















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  1. I like how he thanks for subs and continues analyzing

  2. You shouldn't disrespect Nepo like that. He handled himself so well throughout the tournament. A perfect example of grace in defeat

  3. Chess, the only game where mating is a threat

  4. Has anyone ever told you that you look Japanese, Nakamura??

  5. Ok, but what about Supi, Hikaru? He is on your worst nightmares…

  6. Apologize to Supi! He’s an honest player, we watched all his games live, he’s the Brazilian champion. Shame on you for those comments. Your Brazilian audience deserves an answer from you. What you’ve done is not good for your image

  7. I think " pulled a nepo" is gonna be a new expression going forward after this. Hikaru is too influential in the chess community for it not to happen.

  8. Why he calls himself an idiot 15:40? It's a blitz game; anyone makes mistakes. Well, maybe not Magnus:)

  9. Hey Nakamura, guess you stop using engines 'cause its been a while you games are crap! Shame on you acusing other GMs of using engines. Wanna win? WORK HARDER!

  10. posta a parte que foi jantado pelo GM supi 4 vezes hahaha

  11. Nice job Hikaru. Go on to win the championship. All the best.

  12. I have played Anish bot and it destroyed me. Its amazing how Hikaru destroyed Anish.

  13. Peça desculpas pro Supi, aceite melhor as derrotas

  14. Sad day when "pulling a Nepo" is a meme now.

  15. Something gone wrong with Twitch today, site isn't working, its blank, says ooops, something went wrong all the time.

  16. "Pulling a Hikaru": Lose fair games making mistakes and whinning that the opponent is cheating.

  17. You've been destroyed by our champion, GM Supi. It's such a shame that you can't accept the realness of your decay.

  18. Mr. Hikaru is God level chess player… you might not be the number 1 in the world but you have a very big heart by sharing your knowledge… Kudos!!!!!

  19. So sad to see you crying again and making up stories to reduce the GM Supi, i thought you were a good loser nowadays, but i was wrong.. you're losing the best audience ever that is brazil! good lucky and
    get ready cus the Supi caravan doesn't stop!

  20. JANTADO PELO GM SUPI, te vira pra entender oq eu escrevi filho do Carlsen

  21. I absolutely love the visibility that you give on the thoughts behind a move, something that my tiny brain can't comprehend by itself yet.

  22. Good sportsmanship Hikaru, don't regret it. Kudos

  23. I like that Hikaru responds to hate comments like they’re just normal comments/questions

  24. Analise as 4 derrotas pelo Brasileiro GM LPSupi

  25. Anish got totally annihilated. Anish just some random guy off the street they found last minute to play, not even in the same league as Nakamura. Good luck tomorrow in the semi champ! Hoping for an all American final!

  26. “Decided to pull a Nepo” it’s begun. I had high hopes for Ian, I feel so bad for laughing there

  27. Fabulous! TY, Hikaru! Merry Christmas! 🎅🏼🙏🏼🧡

  28. Hikaru Change your board pieces into marable and Neo wood 😉😉😂😂😂

  29. Since tsm the ads are way to much. waaaay to much

  30. This man said pulled a nepo. Poor nepo gunna be meme'd so hard

  31. Same and i not even speak english very well

  32. you talk too fast. ease up on the caffeine.

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