How a 2700+ GM analyzes his own games – GM Vidit Gujrathi

In this highly instructive video, India no.2 GM Vidit Gujrathi shows you the art of analyzing your own games. Vidit discusses his encounter against the experienced Slovak GM Ľubomír Ftáčnik from the Czech League 2019 with IM Sagar Shah. First, the super GM speaks about his feelings about the game, and critical moments on an actual chess board, and later on he checks his analysis with the help of an engine on ChessBase 15.

What makes this video truly unique is that Vidit has not analyzed this game of his with an engine before shooting the video. Whatever he discusses here are just his own thoughts. This gives you an insight into how a 2700+ GM analyzes his own games and how he makes use of engines to learn and become a stronger player overall. It is an hour long video, but watching it closely is sure to benefit you as a chess player and teach you the art of analyzing your own games.

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Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. Sagar is really doing so much for us viewers by bringing Vidit to give all these insights as well as the 21 day video series he has been doing. I'm beginning to like Vidit more and more as well from seeing these types of videos. Hopefully Vidit can make the next candidates and challenge for the title someday 🙂

  2. Respected sir, plz agar ho sake toh aap jab bhi kisi indian ka interview or indian se bat kar rahe ho toh plz sir hindi me bat karo na… Ye video muje yaha gav me bacho ko dikhana ho toh voh samaj nahi pate…. Isliye plz….

  3. Such a good video. Followed along with a board myself and am really understanding positions better as a result.

  4. That was really informative.. And it feels awesome to try to understand how top players think and to check our own understanding.. It was an excellent effort and huge thanks to Sagar and Vidit..🤩🤩👻

  5. this is such a good video and awesome knowledge sharing session with a super GM like Vidit .. kudos to Sagar for arranging this ! we should have a 2nd part too with Vidit analyzing some other of his games .. keep up the good work!

  6. Priceless moment. Its like sitting next to this such talented GM and sharing his analysis (I would only suggest much more lousy moves than what you did 🙂 ) Thanks also for the very interresting questions Mr Shah !!

  7. Please take lockdown seriously…. Brothers….

  8. Vidit is so strong player. I love Vidit's chess understanding. And this channel is very wordharking. Ty Sagar

  9. Who else noticed vidit pronunciation of "kamputrr".. Btw I think vidit has potential to be world champion one day

  10. It is wonderful to watch that I just have read a chapter from J.Aagard books about analyzing own games and all simple basic concepts are applied thoroughly at such GM level too.

  11. I like the board how to buy this board

  12. The clarity with which vidit explains his choices balancing both practical and objective analysis really reminds me of the gelfand books. Perhaps in the future a collection of his books in that style would be a great idea if not a career as a coach 30 or so years in the future.

  13. my nama is Rishila Banerjee and i am a great fan of GM Vidit thanks sagar sir and chessbase

  14. I’m quite surprised that Vidit saw most of the engines recommendations in his analysis. Does this happen frequently in top level games ?

    When I look at my games, I don’t even get one of the engines moves

    Also I’m really shocked that +1 is considered a winning advantage at the top. I can see wins only when I see advantages +3 onwards !

    Just amazing that a human being comes up with moves at depth 5 that engines come up with at 25

    I’m amazed that most of Vidit’s choices have strategic thoughts and not tactical thoughts. I don’t know how to think like him !

  15. Vidith voice is excellent nd super explanations by my favourite star nd tq u to sagar sha!!!

  16. excellent teaching video thank you both for doing it

  17. Very good thanks for video and us want more videos

  18. We want full analysis of vidit on this game and now we actually know that how the GM think over the board

  19. The Quality the chessbase Indian is providing is just amazing!

  20. This legend forced magnus carlsen to draw under a minute. Nothing but respect!

  21. Appreciate that this beautiful content was provided without advertisements.

  22. It would have been better if sideboard was shown

  23. Vidit, extremely talented, very strong, yet very humble. A fan here from the Philippines.

  24. Thank you so much…… chessbase India doing good work…

  25. This is a master, a humble genius and almost a perfect TEACHER.

    His explanations are beautiful, simple and transparent.

  26. I am a huge fan of ms dhoni not only because of his game he is such a calm nd down to earth person , nd i Vidit Gujarati has similar vibes , infact more . He has gained respect not only because of his position currently but mainly because he is such a humble person nd he makes chess look like not so boring (breaking the stereotype among people ) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i m huge fan 😭

  27. Whoever has made this game of chess is absolute genius, just 64 square and trillions trillions and trillion of trillions of possibilities… Wow.

  28. Who came here after Today's Doctor chess!!

  29. Fantastic insight and very helpful for someone returning to Chess after a Forty year break 😆…. The pieces used in the video are great, it would be really great if were possible to get more chess pieces "DGT enabled"

    Chessbase India is more or less the only viable way of getting to know Chessbase software as a new user 👌🏻

  30. dear Sagar and Vidit ! thank you so much for this golden amount of info! where in blitz i depend on intuition, it's much harder to play classical time control. So this video is just ideal to start learning how to analyse !

  31. I love the Zagreb set, good video guys, one love from Jamica.

  32. Great video, it's nice to have an insight into how a GM analyzes games. Love the Zagreb set too.

  33. one of the most instructives chess videos out there

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