How Good is Gibi at Chess? ASMR Chess Analysis (intentional, male, soft spoken)

See Gibi’s original video here:

I saw Gibi’s awesome video where her and Ben were just having such a good time with some chess. Chess and ASMR kinda being my things I thought I should do an analysis video and maybe help explaining what is going on a little bit.

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  1. Do you play with subscribers? I have been playing since I young child, and have grown to be a very worthy opponent. I have won all the chess tournaments since the 5th grade up until now my senior year. I am 18 and feel I could truly give you a great match …

  2. Thank you for your videos! I often put your videos on to fall asleep because your voice is really relaxing!

    If I could perhaps inject my own interests into a recommendation, another match that might be cool to analyze like this is Amelia Watson Vs. Kiara Takanashi. There were two, and both matches were quite legendary in the Hololive community for their absurdity.

  3. Everyone should go upvote your comment on Chibi's video so she sees it. This is so fascinating

  4. "Welcome to ASMR Chess, one of the best ASMRtists out there, in my mind at least…"

    "…is the queen, Gibi"

    Intentional or not, this was hilarious. Great video pal!

  5. The knight to H6 was to protect from a potentially incoming scholars mate, obvious really.

  6. Cool and Creative ASMR 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  7. "Fianchetto" is an italian word, not french😉

  8. In the words of a certain GM “very suspicious”.

  9. Is it just me, or is there a little bit of echo in this video? Don't get me wrong, I actually quite enjoy it, but I'm wondering if it is really there or if I'm just imagining things

  10. Would love to see you cover chess openings and other tactics. Maybe even a chess book review/reading could make for good asmr

  11. Woah, also is it weird how chess is becoming the new minecraft type beat, like how the huge resurgence of minecraft over the past 2 years but now it's with chess from hikaru and twitch streamers

  12. Possibly my new favourite youtube channel right here!

    I'm a huge Chess fan, i listen to ASMR daily, and a quarterway through the video you speak Danish

    Vidste ikke der fandtes flere ligesom mig derude 😉

  13. 25:55. Forced checkmate in 6 or 8 I think if queen recaptures pawn on d4 and threatens the rook and then after rook to g8, you exchange rooks and then take knight with check. King to e8 followed by queen to h8 check. King moves to e7. Queen to g7 check and if the king runs in front of the pawns it a a king hunt and if not then after king to e8, queen to f7 is checkmate

  14. I've really missed you man. I understand you gotta do what you gotta do and youtube ain't your job but could you post an update every now and again?

  15. My brother: Sister, why are you feeling uneasy, what are you listening to!
    Me: Ahhhhhh, hahahahaha, I am watching a chess match, wow this is so complicated.
    Actually me in my mind “ohh, god. His voice is hot”

  16. Now! When I heard you for the first time I was thrilled and grateful. You have a nice soothing voice. However, when you artificially make it slower you sound like a sick person. Keep it natural. Pleaseeee

  17. I don't love chess…..


  18. These videos are making me want to play chess! Do you have any recommendations for chess apps or websites?

  19. The problem with chess for me is I can make it so there is no movement for the king but just can’t figured out how to get that checkmate

  20. Great video, keep up the great work! 👌🏼

  21. I love your content! Just a suggestion though, for me personally the only way this video could be better is to have you actually play the moves on a real chess board in person alongside the digital more clear version. Purely because it fees much more personal and comforting watching the real life chess but it’s also good to clearly see the pieces and moves on the digital board too.

    Regardless this has quickly become my favourite same channel. You’re smashing it dude 🙌

  22. I just realized, the "plop" soundd it makes when you stop speaking, now I can't unhear it and am so annoyed, the rest is so good, but im distracted

  23. i love chess i love asmr and i love your content <3

  24. At 3:15 I think the knight is moved there to prevent a possible queen F7 checkmate.

  25. Fianchetto sounds more like Italian, didn't check yet but I'm fairly convinced it isn't french

  26. I think Ben missed a major opportunity at 33:55 by not playing instead …Nf2, which would have forked Gibi's queen and rook.

  27. At 11:45 I think that knight is there to defend the pawn from the bishop, not to attack, but at the same time I could be wrong

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