HOW I GAINED 200 ELO IN ONE TOURNAMENT | Chess Analysis | Path to Expert?

Welcome to this exhilarating and instructional chess journey where I share my remarkable experience of gaining 200 ELO in a single over-the-board tournament! Join me as I recap three intense chess games played during the tournament, where my opponents were on average 250 points higher rated, delving deep into the analysis and preparation that led to success.

In this video, you’ll witness the power of strategic thinking and preparation. I’ll guide you through each move, providing commentary and highlighting critical moments that turned the tide in my favor.

Discover how I employed effective opening strategies, navigated complex mid-game positions, and executed precise endgame tactics to outmaneuver my opponents. I’ll reveal the key principles and concepts I utilized, allowing you to incorporate them into your own chess arsenal.

0:00 Introduction – Unveiling the path to a 200 ELO boost!
0:51 Game 1: Positional King’s Indian Turns Tactical! – Overcoming 350 ELO difference
16:44 Game 2: Spotting Blunders in the Fantasy Caro Kann – Winning vs. 200 ELO higher-rated opponent
32:51 Game 3: Transformative Semi-Slav – Outplaying 300 ELO gap in the middlegame
46:57 Conclusion

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