How Magnus Carlsen CRUSHES Chess Masters

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6 Times Magnus Crushed Chess Masters

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1 vs 2392
6:46 Game 2 vs 2482
12:03 Game 3 vs 2504
18:37 Game 4 vs 2516
25:51 Game 5 vs 2521
30:52 Game 6 vs 2524

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  1. 31:12

    being polite to such things before it became "mainstream" as to say. Respect

  2. Проффессор Грамотей says:

    Agent Leviy Rozman was successfully infiltrated into this dirty and corrupted western chess community…

  3. 25 mins in and GC throws out a 15 year old UFC reference. I appreciate the balance…

  4. “That cliff looks far away” runs and jumps of it

  5. Teaching lessons with violence is never okay… Unless your a communist. Then it doesn't matter your already a bos

  6. he plays portions of the board at a time. imaginr chess in 1/4 the board with 1 – 3 pawns

  7. Magnus has become so good he's started playing chess like a sandbox

  8. Can smbd help me to understand what's the point of bishop to the b5 move? 1:20
    I just don't see why Magnus maid that move

  9. Why he couldn't take a B2 with bishop, when all trades are done, he would get a rook, or i am wrong?

  10. Thank you Gotham 🙂 I know literally nothing about Chess, but your storytelling and your breakdown of the moves and the reasoning behind them, makes those matches so interesting to watch even for people like me!

  11. Why is it that when I watch your video it all makes sense, but when I see a fresh chess board against my opponent I have the strategy of a child?

  12. Gotham "all magnus had to do was to slap you like a good parent".

  13. Before he got into Denver Nuggets in NBA, He was once a Chess GM ^_^

  14. “the thing about magnus is, you lunge out and he’s anderson silva. and he makes you look like forrest griffin”
    this is a weird cross section of my two interests that i was not ready for

  15. 18:19 how is this winning for white? Black has two different blocking moves here, and I don’t see a path to a win for white. I’m a noob, so that’s why. Can someone help me out?

  16. I was watching it until your ego got the best of you and you had to tell us all how good of a chess player you were top thousand in the world… You do this way too much and I keep turning videos off right after you do it

  17. You're the Magnus Carlsen of the commentators, you make look so easy the art of storytelling, you're so good Levy !!👌

  18. my opponent is taking 20 years to make a move

  19. why amgnus block with queen when he can just move king right or block with knight? I'm 500 elo help me understand

  20. Why can Magnus keep his horsie side of the board, but when i do it. I am bozo. First game

  21. 22:56 That is just a free rook right i cant find anything wrong with taking?

  22. magnus literally plays black as if he’s the one who’s white he makes white play second that is just insane. he even makes the computer question it’s life lmao

  23. When you said “Mister” at 7:55 I immediately got a Mr. Clean ad

  24. Magnus’s playstyle is so weird but super strong. The opponent doesnt get a say in what kind of game it will be. They must be thinking stuff like «What the fuck was that? how am i losing this?!»

  25. Ofcourse he cannot play this move because this is like tying your shoes together and then playing hopscotch LOL

  26. Detroit Michigan 48221. Thank you very much. I sub, liked and commented : Video paid for.

  27. you just gotta love gotham chess, i might play chess because of u

  28. That japanese line killed me man lol

  29. Hi Gotham Chess I actually won in Chess Tournament Before in My High School days Which is 12 years ago After that I didn’t play chess then now I’m playing chess again but starting at the beginning again my chess ranking now 1100 I want to get my ranking higher but it’s hard I won I lost all the time my dream here to become a chess champion one day I wish I can get that

  30. Imagine you are almost a GM or just become a GM and then you face Magnus Carlsen

  31. "How Magnus Carlson crushes chess masters."

    Well, I hear he's quite good, for starters.

  32. your ego is obviously in the way dude.. I dont understand why youtube is recommending you to me.
    you havnt changed one bit

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