How To Analyze A Chess Position – Dr. IM Danny Kopec

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The above video excerpt from the chess DVD ¨How To Analyze a Chess Position¨ by IM Danny Kopec starts at move 19 from Fischer vs Camara, 1970 where white has achieved substantial pressure very early in the opening. White is far ahead in development and black´s king is still stuck in the center, creating strong conditions for a sacrifice by white to break open lines. Fischer´s 19. Rxd7!! perfectly exploits black´s lack of coordination and overextended pieces, forcing a recapture with the king on 19. …Kxd7 – permanently exposing black´s king to white´s attack. Fischer precisely concludes the attack, forcing black´s resignation on 24. Qb5+ This was an excellent example presented by IM Kopec, as white´s aggressive play in the opening forced concessions by black – leading to a decisive exchange sacrifice that perfectly exploited black´s lack of development and coordination.

Is Bobby Fischer the best player ever?


  1. Jansa v Bliek 1968….second example

  2. No doubt the speaker is a skilled player, but failed to deliver on the promise of the title of this video.

  3. Yes the title is misleading. But not a bad video. Should be called "lets look at some combos".

  4. Dr. Kopec requested the title names be the same as the DVD products he's selling. It makes sense so that when people look for previews on youtube or google they can easily find it. Sorry if you found the title misleading.

  5. There are 2 more coming out this week. If you want a 30% off coupon on his entire set let me know. Also until Nov 31st you also get a FREE copy of my Sicilian Najdorf DVD.

  6. Very nice presentation. Very clear, and instructive. Thank you!

  7. thanks Szabest – we´d be glad to offer you a 50% off coupon for IM Kopec´s DVDs in our online shop. Send me a personal message if you´re interested. Cheers, Will

  8. In the second game of this presentation after white played Na1 if black had played …Bxb2 what should white respond? Resign?

  9. I always dream to become a positional player. 🙂

  10. Sorry, but in the second example, Na1 is a bad move. It leaves white with a minor disadvantage (less than 0.5), but still white is behind. The correct move is Rc1.

  11. I like the four golden rules of analysis, Danny.  BTW, your website comes up "Bad Gateway."  Can't be good for sales.  Thanks.

  12. Where can I purchase the 3 1/2" floppy with this chess program?

  13. Was this video made in 1972? In the Soviet Union??

  14. i just move pawns and pieces randomly and hope for the best

  15. The ‘exclamation mark’ is going to kill me one day

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