How to Analyze Your Chess Games

Hello guys! In one of our live streams a good friend of the channel asked how to analyze our own games. I hope this segment of the stream helps you understand this improtant part your training a bit better!

First Chess Live Stream:


  1. Bro I did 3 brilliants in a single game

  2. Great video Coach. Nice that u put ur video in the videos. 👍👍

  3. Great video, please make a video of how to calculate (the process of calculation) thanks 🙏

  4. Very nice👍👍.Robert have you played against Levy Rozman? It would be Fantastic for fans of both of you guys to see you play I request you to consider this.

  5. Can you make a discord? It'll be really cool that way to form a community of your subs. I can help you with the server creation and maintenance just sayinf

  6. Great video Robert and thank you for taking the time to create them. My games have improved considerably thanks to your help 🙂

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