How To Analyze Your Chess Games With A Computer (Chess Engine) To Learn From Your Mistakes!

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About this video:
Analyzing your chess games will tremendously help your improve as a chess player. You will see tactics that you missed, and learn how to take advantage of missed opportunities in your games. In this video I show you a step by step example of how to analyze a game on using the built in stockfish 12 chess engine. I show you the process I follow to learn from my mistakes.

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  1. I HATE your thumbnail. Computers are most certainly NOT always right. I know you're talking about a specific thing, but that phrase is just one we need to purge from our society. Computers are only as good as the people that program them, and many mistakes are made. Consider the Postal Service scandal in Britain that's gone on for decades and just come to light hte last few years. Hundreds of people were convicted of crimes and sent to jail over what eventually just turned out to be shoddy software – and the judges bought into the idea that "the computer is always right." So that idea DOES HARM – please don't perpetuate it.

  2. I haven’t been analysing, didn’t knew the correct method

  3. Does this work for free? And if not, what free alternative do you recommend? Thank you very much for all the extraordinary information that you give us.

  4. I like it when you post teaching videos like this one.

  5. I just learned all my pieces and I’m still losing , how do I learn strategy? Also I don’t get how you all talk about numbers , it’s all new to me , I need some more of your knowledge of chess ,I’ve been challenged and I’m trying to learn a winning strategy,thank you for shing this I just found you today !

  6. Im learning a lot from your channel, in many of your videos you put education into a pretty fast pill

  7. Very nice, I subscribed because of this video along with your 35 principles one.

  8. i often don't comment but at this point i should say thank you, it was really helpful

  9. Many thanks Nelson! This video has been a big help to me! Thanks for adding the spreadsheet of principles!

  10. That is great video!Most chess videos are dumping of a ton of advanced data, that esp. newer player don't even have the capacity to process (or perhaps only few % of all).But this is very thought provoking one, which I really love! Cheers!

  11. I don’t comment often but wanted to thank you Nelson, for your insightful content! You clearly care about helping the chess community and players like me who are trying to improve their game. Please keep doing what you do. When did you first start playing chess? What type of work do you do, in general… no specifics of course. You should do my companies programming with your brains that you have.

  12. Very instructional, concise and valuable tips. Thank you very much, brother πŸ™

  13. This is a very good video. I used to just get the computer analysis real quick and move on. Very helpful!

  14. Thank you. I've never used a chess engine and you have cleared up some confusion I had. You are a good teacher, very calm and patient.

  15. Also, this vΓ­deo has taught me more in 15min than hours of video hopping.

  16. you traded a center pawn for a queen side pawn

  17. Thanks NelsonYour content on YouTube is among the best

  18. Great video. Where i ran into some confusion is i did not have a settings button to set lines at three or depth at twenty two. Thanks for making the content. if anyone knows why that button is missing for me or in general hmu

  19. This I really helpful. Thank you. I do have a question: I'm old school and want to do analysis on my local pc, what program would you recommend that would allow me to do this AND keep notes (ie "Left a knight hanging") so that way I can see patterns of mistakes over lots of games?Thank you!

  20. I went to my most recently played game and analyzed my moves more thoroughly using this technique. And there was a "blunder" I made that ended up with the game being a dead draw. Originally, I though it was because the knight could fork my rook and queen, but a further analysis showed that my opponent had a brilliant move that forced a perpetual check. If it wasn't for that very specific move in that specific variation, I would still be winning.My opponent found the knight fork, but missed the brilliant move. I missed both πŸ˜‚

  21. Finally a great vid to learn how to actually use the engine. Thanks a bunch for this

  22. Thank you for this video. Same thing happens to me. The Chess engine wants me to give up a piece and I don't want to. lol.

  23. My rating is just growing up from you , thanks

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