How To Analyze Your Chess Games

In this video, I am showing how to analyze a chess game with a computer and learn from mistakes. This is a really important skill for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players as well. We take the game in 3 phases: opening, middlegame, and endgame, as well as practicality of computer suggestions and time management.

0:00 Intro
0:57 GAME 1 – RATED 1044
11:00 GAME 2 – RATED 1537
23:40 GAME 3 – RATED 2306

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  1. 0n my dads phone 📱 my daily rating is 1328

  2. Girlfriend huh….🤔 must be Rosy Palm's friend Lucy Fist 😆🤣😂🤪🎉

  3. I have 7 brilliant moves in a game of chess ♟

  4. I wish I knew how to analyse before making the same mistake 5 times in a row😆

  5. One time I had a rook queen stack on the king. Sacrificing my queen for a mate in one with my rook counted as a blunder

  6. Well in last analysis, if you take with bishop, you have a straight 3 points advantage isn't it? how is white responding?

  7. me: 1200 rating taking a hanging queen

    the computer: ???, there’s a forced mate in 14 moves like right there bro!

  8. Thank you for this. As a new player, looking at my analysis can be very disheartening when I felt like I've played a really solid game.

  9. Step 1:
    buy premium
    Step 1.5:
    in the event that you can't or just won't, you get one analysis per day, that's it, fuck you if you want to improve more than once a day

  10. Razorlike's account is closed for fair play, 99.5% is possible for short game or games where you get a big advantage out of the opening like win or a rock or something and you just force a bunch of trade and win. However, that game is way too good for a 2300.

  11. How do you have a bigger chess board there, mine is smaller. Or did you just crop it so it looks big?

  12. Levy, I love the way you explain to all levels. I am a 1200-1300 in 20min or 15+10 (I cannot play faster). There are many teachers in the web and even when I prefer spanish speaking teachers as my first language is Spanish, I always come back to see your videos, so instructive! Thank you for sharing your videos!

  13. Book move, book move, book move, book move, inaccuracy, blunder (a typical chess game analysis for my games)

  14. I appreciate your videos Levi, you explain things very well, it’s easy to follow. Some Masters just rip off lines so fast, it’s impossible to follow. Thanks for all your hard work.

  15. Sir, I have a doubt.
    Did u gift ur girlfriend that diamond?

  16. Me as an 800 with no opening knowledge getting excited when the computer tells me I was ten moves deep into a proper opening.

  17. I feel like my ElO has just increased by 200 points…

  18. I wish I could get gold in chess but i can’t

  19. This is honestly really reliving. I always felt like a bad player for getting random blunders that I didn't understand. I guess you just gotta make your own judgments after a game to grow how you want.

  20. Levy – I'm learning chess and I'm thankful to you ;
    – I've two major problems
    1. When I'm playing live game I feel like I'm stuck in a box ; can't think out of my sight , can't go for opportunities, weakness – and make a lot of blunder -& then I'm like aagghhhh!! – so , levy – please how can i think outside of box in chess or what mindset should i have during chess ?
    2. About middle game . Always after opening I can't make any further move , then opponent destroy me easily. – Help me out please. It'll mean a lot to me.

  21. So ridiculous! If you think you play better that engine, go defeat engine…

  22. You explained how bad the computer can be. You did not learn people how tot teach this stuff.

    More details? I have no idea how to look at this in my games because i don't see this stuff.

  23. I know this video is a bit older. As a new player I wanted to drop a note about how helpful I found this video. Thank you for taking the time to make this.

  24. The amount of entertainment and education I'm getting from this channel is INCREDIBLE!
    Thank you, Levy, a really big fat thank you!

  25. I’m a 800 rated and I usually never blunder just inaccurate

  26. I wish he explained HOW TO ANALYZE CHESS GAMES. Just ranting against the computer.

  27. 2300 player game was nice, but also not as high level as it might seem. The 99.5 accuracy is misleading because the black pieces fell into an early opening trap (or at least a known opening line the black pieces should avoid). If the opponent blunders early in the game (positionally, that opening was a blunder for the black side at that rating level), then it is easier to find winning moves and therefore the computer CAPS will give a misleadingly high accuracy for that game. It doesn't need to be a 2300 level game for this to be revealed, just analyze your accuracy in any game the opponent blundered a piece (especially a Queen) before move 10 and chances are that you'll see how high your game accuracy is compared to how you feel like you played.

    Similarly, it is challenging to have a good accuracy score when you have a bad position and are trying to salvage what you can out of a position. White played a nice positional game there, but I'm not really too impressed with the accuracy score in itself. What I liked much more in that game was White utilizing f4 and Nf3 to anticipate opponent pawn breaks for untangling. 🙂

  28. Thank you for all the information you provided

  29. 6 mistakes, 11 blunders, 3 missed wins… I think I need to find a different board game.

  30. Maybe it's just me and I am not high enough level to learn from these. But I don't find these videos useful. I was expecting to learn some general principles and tools to analyse my games, with pedagogical steps and slow/clear examples to show each step in the analysis. But instead it's always a super fast analysis of a specific game with sentences like "of course the Vienna, where this and this and this is possible" and "I don't like this, I would do this and this and this instead". Okay, I don't know which lessons to take from that? It's just somebody with way deeper knowledge of chess than me, telling me (super quickly) what he thinks about one specific game (while saying the engine is not very useful). And also doing it too fast for me to follow.

    But then again, maybe this is intended for people at a much higher level and they learn some universal lessons from such quick analysis/expert opinion of specific games.

  31. Fun fact: I know no is going to read this comment but razorlike was actually banned for violating the fair play policy

  32. Day 1 of telling levy that he's a great teacher

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