How To Analyze Your Games With Stockfish On Or Lichess

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  1. How do you use those features while creating your video, where you select multiple pieces and show multiple possibilities (multiple arrows) on the same screen ?

  2. Beautiful. Is there a way to analyze and save our positions, openings etc? with Lichess? Thask you!!

  3. they should make it possible to game review all the time… i hate the fact that there are some good game that i did and i want to see my review but i cant because i already used my daily review…

  4. Now I can analyze my mistakes and become stronger to defeat M3GAN 😼

  5. Did u know there IS a fake probably a scammer chess_vibes on The LooseπŸ˜‰

  6. Hey, that was super helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you I always wondered how it works on lichess

  8. I thought you already did this kind of video

  9. How to get game review on lichess with the centipawn loss and stuff

  10. It'd be really cool to see how exactly you analyze your games to improve.

  11. Hi, Chess Vibes…, Excellent video and very informative and "Thank you" for sharing the video… * Very helpful… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana πŸ™‚

  12. What a great tutorial. Well organized, thorough, quick, to the point and clear. So many tutorials on topics like this are painful to watch. I've watched a lot of chess YouTubers, and you're the best at this.

    If you ever feel it's appropriate, please cover Lichess Study. I gave up on the other videos I tried to watch on it.

  13. No one has ever explained how to do this except Nelson. Very nice & helpful. Anyway, if everything is no longer chaotic, would you please explain about windmill tactics? Thanks in advance

  14. Here's a fun fact: Henry Ford produced the model T only in black because the black paint available at the time was the fastest to dry.

  15. This video is very needed for the chess community in general, specially beginners!

  16. Are either of these free? The in depth analysis of chess games aspect.

  17. having stockfish and opening explorer at the same time is lichess superiority

  18. There is no complete table base for 8 pieces, yet. It will probably have a size of 1 Petabyte = 1024 Terabyte – beyond currently available PC-technology.

  19. Is there a way to run these analysis locally instead of on the web?

  20. 12:40 "You can see there's a game that reached this posit- oh wait that's my game"


  21. I am new to chess so thank you for this video. I have a question. What do the numbers on the analysis bar mean? I know 0.0 is draw/even, + is in white favor, – in black favor. But I don’t understand what the numbers represent really. Like if it says +5.3, how do I read that exactly?

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